All the Right Decisions with Bad Decision Adventure Club

01.02.2018 Uncategorized
Lindsay DeLong
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“The boyfriend jean.” It’s basically every girl everywhere’s go-to comfort item. It’s cozy, loose-fitting and relaxed to the max. So why can’t everything be like the boyfriend jean? Why can’t your entire wardrobe be made of comfortable, ready-to-wear pieces that are both fashionable and well-made — clothes that can be worn by a woman, or a man?

That’s the mindset of Bad Decision Adventure Club, a clothing line based in LA that rejects the gender binary and operates with philanthropy in mind ($5 from every purchase is donated to the Skid Row Housing Trust to help fight homelessness in downtown LA). The two women behind the all-inclusive brand, friends and co-founders, Rachel Grant and Simona Evna call their collection of minimal and mixable pieces “uniluxe,” meaning unisex-luxury.

Their inventory, which ranges from distressed tees ($145) to drawstring shorts ($159) to overalls (obsessed, $240), is made from organic and ethically sourced materials and hemp products. They are made in LA, are eco-friendly and are created using only the most sustainable of practices. Sized on a genderless scale from XS to XXL with everything available in either white, black, nude or millennial pink, there’s something for every person, no matter their gender preference.

The brand was birthed just two years ago when the young entrepreneurs sat in the grass outside Simona’s house while Rachel pitched her idea. Simona remembers, “What sparked my interest the most was how all of the elements that Rachel wanted the brand to represent were already what mattered to Rachel in her life — it’s what she really believes in. She was like, ‘I’m not going to start a brand without having these elements go into the lifestyle because this is how I live my life.’”

Merging each other’s expertise, (Rachel has done everything in fashion from buying to sales to retail and Simona comes from a PR and beauty and wellness background) the pair launched BDAC in June of 2017 and have watched as it has quickly become popular with not just the “It” girls of fashion (including Sofia Richie and Chloe Bartoli) but also multiple NBA players who like the length and breathable fabric of the shirts (because, you know… sweat.)

Rachel and Simona believe it’s important to eliminate the stereotypes in fashion and are proud to be at the forefront of a movement that is starting to include the big guns (Gap, Zara and H&M are all jumping on the bandwagon with gender-inclusive capsule collections). “Everyone, both men and women, are starting to play around in each others clothes,” says Rachel, who has always been influenced by the menswear market and who calls her personal style “tomboy streetwear.” She admits her joy when a stranger recently stopped her on the street to tell her that her outfit looked like something A$AP Rocky would wear. Simona, on the other hand, has a very feminine, neutral style. The two pair their BDAC pieces with everything from Prada boots to LA Clippers’ hoodies. Their mix of high/low fashion is both bold and fun.

And that’s exactly what they’re shooting for.

Rachel shares, “Our mission is for people to feel happy in our clothes, but we also want them to feel like they’re part of the movement — so that when they have our clothes on, they feel like they have a platform to talk about things, and to just be comfortable in their own skin.”

The two fashionistas also want to make sure the “cool factor” is there and that their customers feel hip in the pieces. “Often times, when you think of clothes made of hemp, your mind immediately jumps to hippy dippy, Whole Foods kind of clothing,” Simona laughingly states. “We named it Bad Decision Adventure Club because we want to have a good and positive impact, but we still like to have fun. We still like to party here and there — and break the rules sometimes.”

And if pink cotton overalls with velcro straps are breaking the rules then we wanna make all the bad decisions. Boyfriend jean move over!

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