Dr. Sadeghi

01.30.2018 The Fullest Podcasts

It’s 2018 and you subscribe to The Fullest, so we’re gonna go ahead and hedge our bets that you subscribe to the mind/body health connection, too. This week, host Nikki sits down with her own doc, Dr. Habib Sadeghi (whose patient list includes Demi Moore, Gwyneth and Tobey Maguire, aka: actual Spiderman). While Dr. Sadeghi is definitely a star favorite, he’s also a healer on a mission to help people fully understand the meaning of being “well.” To him, it’s not simply a matter of eating the cleanest foods or working out the hardest. It’s first getting your mind right so that your body can follow suit. And he’d know. After being diagnosed with Stage 3 testicular cancer, Dr. Sadeghi dived into Ayurvedic diets, eastern medicine, yoga and Cosmobiology, not only curing himself but paving a new path for integrative health. In this week’s episode he shares his most impactful teachings from his new book, The Clarity Cleanse including: how we need to metabolize our emotions and our food, the difference between having thoughts and thinking, disorganized emotions leading to illness, the power of purge writing, plus a ton more. With a huge heart, great wealth of knowledge and unique voice in the field of medicine, this man has profoundly changed the lives of many personally, physically and spiritually. Pop your headphones in and prescribe yourself one hour of true healing, Sadeghi style.

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