Moonlight and Menstruation: What You Need to Know

01.02.2018 Life
Rose Theodora
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The light of the moon is crucial. Most people mistakenly believe it is the Moon’s magnetic influence on our bodies’ naturally occurring water that is what affects us and our emotions the most — but in reality, it’s much more than that. The light of the Sun and Moon affect our sleeping patterns, and our sleeping patterns, in turn, affect our hormones, and so on and so forth.

Aligning your cycle with the light of the Moon and its Moon phases is a magical and natural process. It is no coincidence that the Moon cycle and a woman’s menstrual cycle is, on average, the same amount of time (approximately 29.5 days).

Contrary to the popular belief that a woman should menstruate at the Full Moon, a woman should survey her body to find her own natural rhythm. If we are to link our bodies to the Moon’s cycles, then menstruating at the New Moon would be most appropriate; whereas ovulating at the Full Moon would feel most natural.

To me, an astrologer based in LA and Madrid, the Moonlight represents the subconscious; whereas the Sunlight represents conscious light. In astrology, both are known as luminaries, or light bodies that illuminate or reflect different parts of ourselves. The Sun is our identity and our conscious thoughts, and the Moon, our emotions and inner process — our subconscious.

There are four main Moon phases and four Menstrual phases:

Full Moon / Ovulation

| FULL EXPRESSION | The Full Moon represents a time of strength and vitality — a time when a woman can feel most alive and energized; thus, the reason she often needs less sleep and feels more imaginative during the Full Moon. (Which is surprising because one would think that if the Full Moon represents a time of outward action and aliveness, blood would flow outward — but that’s not the case.) Blood flows as a result of a balancing process. When your blood is flowing, your body needs your attention the most. Your energy is at its lowest and warrants self-care and a subsequent restful phase.

The Waning Moon / The Luteal Phase

| PUSHING FORWARD BEFORE THE RELEASE | Pushing forward with your goals represents a time of action. This can be an exhausting phase — one that requires persistence and hard work and ultimately leads to the New Moon’s release of energy.

The New Moon / Menstruation

| RETREAT AND INNER REFLECTION | Letting your blood flow naturally can be a way to restore and let go of what isn’t working for you to make room for the new. It’s a time of inner reflection (since light from the Moon isn’t providing any light externally), and it’s a time to go inward and tune into one’s inner light. The New Moon is a time of self-nourishment. It’s a time that indicates renewal and newness — kind of like the saying, “to turn over a new leaf.”

The Waxing Moon / The Follicular Phase

| PLANNING AND STRATEGIZING | During this phase of fertilization, it’s a great time to plan ideas, see them come to fruition and to take on a new set of goals. This process is key to your life experience.


While it is helpful to consult these phases, what it ultimately comes down to is that it’s important to listen to your body and not pressure oneself to adapt to just another “mainstream approach.”

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