The Moon, as seen from Earth, is an ever-changing show of dark and light, both a revelation and a mystery. Like the Moon, our emotions and inner lives also fluctuate. The cycles we ride are natural. The Moon in astrology represents the feminine principle: how we internalize our experiences, intuit and perceive. The Moon describes how we feel and who we are when we let our guards down. Your personal Moon sign is determined by what zodiac sign the Moon was passing through (transiting) when you were born.

You can find this out by getting your natal chart done for free online at Astrolabe. (You’ll need the precise time and location of birth for an accurate reading.) The natal chart pertains especially to the placement of the Moon, since she moves at the swift rate of about one sign every two-and-a-half days.

The Moon sign characteristics are:


You talk to strangers. You’d rather regret something you did than something you didn’t do. You get frustrated when things don’t go your way. You’re prone to losing your cool, but you also forgive readily.


You’re an emotionally consistent, dependable and loving partner. You may be a late bloomer. You win the cuddle contest hands down. You can’t keep any junk food or alcohol at home because you have a tendency to binge.


You like to play things by ear. You have a tendency to stray in monogamous relationships — not because you have bad intentions, but because you’re seduced by the thrill of getting to know someone new. You love having deeply philosophical conversations and tend to surround yourself with intelligent people.


You need strong pillars of stability in your life so you don’t get emotionally shipwrecked. You admire people who take big risks, and though you may fantasize about taking some yourself, you struggle with indecision. You express your love through tangible means such as cooking and thoughtful gifts.


You’re a true friend and an affectionate lover. You doubt yourself constantly, but no one would ever guess it because you radiate confidence. You believe in miracles. People trust your natural authority and listen to you when you speak.


If perfectionism were a sport, you would be the gold medal champion. You obsess over details, then lose track of time and suffer time management crises as a result. Your body and mind are responsive to changes in diet and exercise. You carry yourself with grace and have a regal air about you.


You give great advice, but tend to sacrifice your own needs in a relationship. Bad lighting really perturbs you. Your style is refined, and there’s a special flair to everything you do. People tend to copy you.


You have a fantastically dark sense of humor. You likely have bad habits that you engage in only when you’re alone. You have a knack for picking difficult and/or unavailable romantic partners. People frequently tell you their life stories, discuss traumas, and even reveal their secrets to you.


Learning is a lifelong practice. In addition to pursuing a higher education, you’ll likely earn other certifications too and speak several languages. You may never choose to settle down in a relationship because you have an adventurer’s heart. You’re allergic to routines. Your friendships are diverse, and you prefer to socialize independent of a clique.


Both your mood and self-worth are affected greatly by your career standing and financial situation. You have a hard time living up to your own expectations. You become more serene and content as you age and things begin to come more into perspective. Your presence is so strong that it can leave strangers feeling intimidated, but people who know you will attest to how nurturing and kind-hearted you are.


You’re proud of the unique life you have created, but sometimes you really just want to be alone. You have a hard time relating to people who take things too personally. You either have a strong interest in astrology, or think it’s ridiculous.


Your concept of time is non-linear, so you have to work extra hard to be punctual. You feel your emotions very deeply, and need to cry frequently to relieve the pressure. You’re very affected by music. You give without expecting anything in return.


If you’re curious about astrology and want to learn more in a self-guided way, I recommend downloading the app, TimePassages. You can read more in depth about your birth chart on the app, save and compare your friends’ charts, and track the planetary movements of the past, present and future. Down the rabbit hole you go!

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