The sand cushions my footsteps as the glowing, descending sun embraces my skin; a protective halo of light surrounds us. The waves crash gently against the shore to my left as I walk north towards the mountains in the distance. My feet skim the smooth edge of the sparkling salt water and with each step, my lips graze the top of Amelie’s angelic, soft head as she bounces in the carrier I’m wearing. Her silky blonde hair is like that of a precious baby chick and her warm body is the epitome of cozy. Her tiny, pudgy hand is curled around my index finger, grasping with such might that her nail beds turn white. She purrs in pleasure as her senses are filled with nature’s delight, all while enveloped by the comfort of her protectors.

My other hand is interlaced with my husband’s as we walk slowly, side by side. I feel his passionate, supportive, loving nature radiating from his palm, a direct line to his beautiful heart. The magic hour light shines on his smiling face and radiates out of his soulful eyes — eyes I feel I’ve known and loved for many lifetimes. In a state of pure bliss and gratitude, I think and feel with every cell of my being, This is it.

My awareness zooms out, as if I am watching this scene from the cotton candy sky above, and the realization sinks in: I manifested this. I created this magical life of my dreams, this family. I planted the seeds and they grew into fruition.

I allow the overwhelming feelings of pure love, amazement, and profound appreciation to wash over me like a giant waterfall.

It was at this exact moment that I decided to help other people hone their own manifesting skills. It is the ultimate privilege to guide people towards creating the life of their dreams and to witness people feeling this way themselves.

I remembered back to six years prior, sitting in the backyard of my childhood home having a heart-to-heart with my mom. Shortly after finishing graduate school at NYU, I was presented the opportunity to move to LA with a guy I was dating at the time. I found myself at a major fork in the road and in need of guidance. My mom had recently added “Life Coach” to her dynamic career repertoire, and I was her first client. She put aside her own desire for me to stay in NY and offered her service as an unbiased practitioner.

Through a series of questions about many different aspects of my life, we uncovered my true desires. I painted a picture in my mind of a life that would fulfill and inspire me.

Little did I know that through sharing this visualization out loud with a witness, I was planting the seeds for manifesting my highest reality. As I was describing my dream life… (living close to the beach, teaching yoga, immersed in creativity, spending time in nature, collaborating with amazing people, madly in love, one day creating a family)… intentions were being set and wheels were put into motion.

What I envisioned at the time was nowhere near as amazing as the life I am living out in real time on the beach near the home I live in with my soulmate and baby girl. I didn’t know how to dream that big… but it was a foggy, dumbed down version that slowly became more and more incredible and real as I became ready, and as I evolved into who I was destined to be.

Needless to say, that session made it clear that I needed to move to LA. But when I initially moved to LA, my life looked nothing like it does now. It took a few detours and a bit of time, which was all part of the required path to get me to the life I saw as my highest reality. I will forever be grateful to my mother for illuminating the answer to a tough decision and thankful for the now ex-boyfriend who encouraged me to move (and ended up breaking up with me three years later). That jarring re-routing of my path led me to where I am now. Life works in mysterious ways, people.

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