FORIA Pleasure: For a High That’s Truly Orgasmic

01.09.2018 Life
Michelle Pellizzon
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Edibles are not my thing.

Listen, I live in California. I’ve hit my fair share of bongs as a teenager and an early-20-something young woman. But edibles… they are my kryptonite. On the off occasion that I would accidentally imbibe in a ‘magic brownie’ at a party, I noticed that I’d get too loopy, too high, too confused… and I always desperately wanted the experience to be over.

So I was surprised and (wary), when I learned about FORIA, a brand that makes a sensual enhancement oil for women and their partners using a blend of liquid coconut oil and lab-tested cannabis oil.

Basically, it’s an edible for your vagina. The cannabis oil in the product relaxes the muscles in your nether regions and offers a different kind of stimulation during sex.

In the eyes of founder Matthew Gerson, FORIA is a game-changing feminist product:

“When we started FORIA four years ago, there were over 20 FDA approved pharmaceuticals available for male sexual challenges, and none for women. What we set out to do was make an effective all natural product for female pleasure so women could experience the satisfaction they deserve. Once we started getting feedback that our first product was not only enhancing pleasure but was also diminishing pain we knew we had to make a product for menstrual cramps and other pelvic related issues.”

Feminist edibles you say!? Indeed — according to the people at FORIA, sex should be fun, playful, intimate and orgasmic. Every time. Unfortunately, nearly 75 percent of women report that they can’t achieve a vaginal orgasm without the help of toys or tools. And that’s where FORIA really kicks in — it’s excellent for helping women relax and feel comfortable during sex so they can truly indulge in the experience, and perhaps derive more pleasure from their usual bedroom sessions. Yes, your vagina might feel a little high… but trust me, it’s nothing like the high you get from smoking weed or chowing down on an edible. No hallucinogenic side effects here — only pleasure.

The FORIA team is used to getting lots of side-eye from potential customers. Their product is the first of its kind, and is admittedly a little mysterious. “Anytime you bring sexual health into the conversation it can be very polarizing,” says Gerson. “Immediately there is intrigue, but many people are not familiar with, or fully understand why and how cannabis can be used to enhance their sexual lives.”

So how does it work? Well, it depends on the product and the person.

All the formulations come in small, chic-looking spray bottles that could easily be mistaken for an expensive rose water face mist or chakra spray.

Typically, the user applies the oil 10 to 15 minutes before sex. Just like an edible, it takes a little time for FORIA to begin working. But once it does, you’ll feel a difference. Gerson hears from users constantly: “The feedback we receive is consistently so inspiring and a testament to why we do what we do.”

The whole thing is still a bit taboo — THC-based products are illegal in most states, and there’s a big stigma about using marijuana in general throughout the United States. But Gerson and his team realize that they’re sitting on a product that has the potential to change many women’s lives… and it’s all about educating consumers to make the best choices for themselves.

“We are very focused right now on becoming an educational platform for cannabis and CBD so that people who may feel anxious can get the historical, scientifically supported and first-person information they need to feel comfortable bringing cannabis into their lives. We have been on the market now for almost four years and the amount of sharing that has transpired between women using our products has been a catalyst for many important dialogues on pleasure. Our products are thousands of years old… we are just bringing them to the present in a way that is modernized for purity and consistency,” says Gerson.

Currently, FORIA only sells THC-based products, but the company will soon be rolling out its line of CBD-infused products that are synergistically blended with other organic whole plant extracts and essential oils. Because CBD is non-psychoactive, it’s legal in many more places. Creating a line with CBD affords far more people the opportunity to try FORIA for themselves, no matter where they are.

Curious? Check it out here and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

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