Pregnancy Skin and How to Get Your Glow Back

12.05.2017 Life
Hayley Wood
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When I first started my career in skincare I never would have expected that I would become so knowledgeable about pregnancy and how hormonal health reflects in the skin. I seem to attract many pregnant women and moms to my practice because of my integrative approach to skincare. And since my industry is filled with divine feminine energy, I have connected greatly with the life changing process of pregnancy.

It’s become a huge responsibility of mine to remind a new mother that her body is capable of superhuman miracles, so the way the skin is reflecting is nothing to be ashamed of. Women are expected to snap back into their pre-pregnancy selves — but sometimes that’s just not possible! The evolution that happens to the mind, body and spirit during pregnancy and postpartum is the most transformative experience that your pre-baby self barely believed possible. So why should we go back to our pre-superwoman selves?

Skin reflects your health in many ways and with the levels of depletion that our bodies endure after giving birth it’s very natural to have those signals frustratingly pop up. However, there are various ways to navigate it while adjusting to the new normal of motherhood. Here are the top four factors to consider to get glowing again:


Your appetite changes so much during your pregnancy and, in the first few years of motherhood, it’s all-to-common to simply forget to eat some days. You find yourself eating your kids’ snacks instead of the nutrient rich foods your body needs to restore your depleted nutrients from pregnancy. The effect this change can have on one’s skin is only made more bearable by the fact that your body was robbed of essential nutrients in order to help your baby’s development. Try your best to follow up with your doctor, nutritionist and/or acupuncturist to help support you with the right foods and supplements so that your skin will shine again. A nutrient deficient body can reflect in breakouts due to low immunity — and those breakouts linger a lot longer than you’re used to! Instead of getting irritated at your skin, up your nutrients in your food with smoothies full of greens, Omega 3 and antioxidants. It’s quick, easy and great for the skin!


Many women experience heightened sensitivity to heat during their pregnancies. With the fluctuation of hormones our body exchanges while pregnant our skin cannot tolerate heat like it used to. If you’re getting excess sun — or naturally hold more heat in your system — make sure to balance yourself from the inside out with cooling foods as well as outer protection. Vitamin D deficiency is real when you’re pregnant so if you do find yourself wanting to soak in that extra sun, make sure to do so on your body rather than your face. The way the face handles heat is completely different so wear a hat, an SPF rich in zinc oxide, and cool off with a cooling compress. A cold flush on the body paired with extra sleep can restore the skin’s response to the sun tremendously.


Rest is essential for restoring your skin. Our entire system restores itself at night and each cell has a very specific circadian rhythm. Simple ways to increase this would be sunscreen, acupuncture and balancing the right nutrients for the day time. COQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid are key essential nutrients to help your cellular energy, ATP. If you’re feeling extra moody or are having a hard time waking up, try implementing these nutrients for the day time so the rest you do get is more impactful and restorative. Check with your doctor for recommended dosages and frequency as everyone is different in their needs. It is much more restorative if you naturally build your energy back instead of over-caffeinating or stimulating with sugars.


During and after pregnancy a lot of women come to me expecting a specific protocol to “fix” their skin’s response to all the hormone shifts. However, because they’ve experienced — and are experiencing — so many changes internally, shifting their skin care routines too much could unintentionally cause more harm than good. A good rule of thumb to follow? Simplify your routine with products that are safe for you and your baby. A gentle cleanser, hydrating mist and moisturizer with SPF is ideal for the day. At night, just massage your face with the cleanser and moisturize with a rich oil or balm. With so many green beauty brands out there look for ones that are essential oil free, with as few ingredients as possible. And although I recommend simplifying your routine, I do know that this is often the only time a new mother can get away to treat herself — so try to soak it up as a self-care ritual.

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