I love combining plant-based compounds to create healthy mocktails. Even if you do imbibe in the booze, it’s thoughtful to offer your guests an alternative that can contribute to their wellness lifestyle. Also, it might be nice for a change not to be hungover or tired after every holiday party!

This little winter sipper combines the flavors and warmth the season calls for. Pomegranate, persimmon and hawthorne wrap up the oils of cinnamon and neroli for a smoky and sweet flavor.

And, not only does it look and smell festive, it’s even more perfect for the winter holidays because pomegranate and hawthorne are known to help digest rich foods and lower blood pressure (therefore mitigating some holiday stress). Additionally, ginger candied with superfoods mesquite and yacon, contribute to both taste and digestive enhancement.


Seeds of one large Pomegranate

2 Persimmons

1 dropper Hawthorn Extract

1 drop Neroli Essential Oil (or 1 spray of Neroli Hydrosol)

⅛ teaspoon Ceylon Cinnamon


1 | In a food processor or blender, pulse, then liquify the pomegranate and persimmon, adding in the hawthorn extract.

2 | In a coupe or petit glassware, pour the mixture. To the top of your mocktail, place 1 drop of neroli oil or 1 spritz of hydrosol spray, adding in a tiny pinch of cinnamon.


8 pieces Ginger Root, peeled and sliced

2 tablespoons Organic Raw Honey

1 tablespoon Terrasoul Yacon Root Powder

1 tablespoon Terrasoul Mesquite Powder

1 Stainless Glass or Ceramic Saucepan, with lid


1 | In a bowl, combine the honey with the ginger and mix well.

2 | Place in a saucepan covered for thirty minutes over low heat to soften the ginger.

3 | Over a metal drying rack, pour the honey ginger mixture, using a bowl or pan beneath to catch any excess honey-superfood-infused ginger syrup. (You can add the syrup to the mocktail for organic sweetness.)

4 | Allow ginger to dry for 8 hours.

5 | Once hard, place the ginger on the edge of the mocktail’s rim for guests to nibble on while socializing.

*Yields 2 social sippers.

**Photo by Lives Styled. Find her on Instagram at @livesstyled.

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