Lacy Phillips

12.30.2017 The Fullest Podcasts

Lacy Phillips is a manifestation master. Seriously. She even walked away from a budding acting career to truly test and study the principles of the Law of Attraction. Now, she’s taking her scientific findings and helping others manifest the lives of their dreams through her online course, ‘Unblocked’. If you’re anything like us and have been struggling to move off the couch (watching The Secret on repeat) to actual manifesting IRL — this one’s for you! Lacy breaks down common misperceptions of manifesting and provides you with some practical tips to start bringing that vision board to life. Full disclosure: you’ll need to go deep. There is no simple “what you think about you bring about” here. Instead, you’ll be faced with your subconscious beliefs and skills to fully reparent yourself. Trust us, it’s worth it. Listen in as Lacy drops some serious knowledge bombs on all things manifestation — including why Donald Trump is one of the best of the best manifestors today.

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