Sister Inmate

11.21.2017 The Fullest Podcasts

We’ve all heard about the issues with the American prison system, but what about the family and friends of the incarcerated? Carlee Santarelli founded Sister Inmate, an emotional support group that helps anyone that has a relationship with a person serving jail time — a group in society who are often overlooked. After her own brother murdered his wife and was sent to prison, only to commit suicide 10 years later, Carlee knew she had to help. However, she was in her 20’s, shy, and felt she didn’t have the wisdom to speak on the issue. So what did she do? She just kept showing up. Now, she’s an ambassador not just for friends and family, but for prison rehabilitation programs also. It’s a conversation that is humbling, informative, and one that inspires us all to find a life of service even in the most unimaginable experiences.

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