This holiday season, instead of wasting your money on fast-fashion, buying meaningless gifts that will be forgotten this time next year, make your gift-giving count. One of our favorite “gifts with a purpose” this year is the LMxCatt handbag.

E! News anchor, Catt Sadler has teamed up with designer, LumillaMingus to create a luxurious, yet wearable bag called the “The Jacki.” It’s named after Jackline Korinko, a young woman from Kenya who was a victim of genital mutilation that ultimately lost her life in June of this year at the age of 17.

Jacki lived at the Olmalaika Home, a safe home in Sekenani, Kenya that helps and protects young woman who are at risk of both female genital mutilation and childhood marriage. When Catt visited Africa earlier this year she spent time getting to know Jacki and was incredibly touched by her story.

Wanting to do something to help raise awareness and bring funds to the Olmalaika Home and other women in need, Catt and LumillaMingus created a black leather satchel with authentic Kenyan beading handmade from girls at the home. 50% of all the proceeds made from “The Jacki” will be donated to the Women Like Us Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to promoting gender equality and social justice through the support of women-led initiatives.

These funds will go directly to building new washrooms for the girls at Olmalaika Home, as they currently use pit toilets and bathe in basins. The upgraded features will be much more sanitary than what the girls have now, and will greatly enhance their quality of life.

The LMxCatt handbag retails for $575 and can be purchased directly at

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