Breathe Easy — THINX Has Released Their Cotton Line

11.14.2017 Uncategorized
Lindsay DeLong
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THINX is one of our all-time favorite brands. We love what they’re doing for women, not just stateside, but all over the world. With a goal to create products that empower people and sustain the planet, the brand is dedicated to their team and customers now more than ever.

With the highly publicized exit of CEO and Founder Miki Agrawal in early 2017 (who we interviewed the first time we teamed up with THINX) the young company has successfully navigated the transition seamlessly and professionally — and have continued to reinvent themselves in all the edgy ways that make THINX, THINX.

The original period underwear brand is constantly creating new innovative products and has made it a priority to use feedback from their community to drive transformation. Their latest development being their organic cotton underwear line — a simpler, stripped down version of the lacy panties they debuted with back in 2011. Maria Molland Selby, who has taken over as CEO, explains, “We received a lot of requests asking for a period-proof option made with natural fabric, like the underwear your mom always told you to wear. So we created our organic cotton range, which is airy, breathable and feels like home.”

Cotton is one of nature’s most breathable fibers, and when paired with THINX’s four-layer patented technology the result is period-proud underwear that’s comfortable and fights leaks. Maria explains how it works: “The first layer is moisture-wicking so you always feel fresh, the second is anti-microbial (aka: fights bacteria), the third is super-absorbent (and will hold up to two tampons’ worth of blood!) and the fourth is a leak-resistant barrier so you, and your clothes, stay dry.”

In addition to the new line, THINX has officially branched out of the underwear category to find other supplemental ways to combat period qualms. With their 100% organic cotton tampons, ladies have more resources than ever for extra leak protection. Not to mention, they look cool AF — packaged with that hip, minimal look THINX has done so well of adopting. “I think we were all sick of seeing butterflies and flowers on tampon boxes, right?” laughs Maria. Next year, they’ll be launching the tampons with a reusable applicator to make that time of the month even more sustainable — for both women and our planet.

The bottom line of THINX’s mission has always been philanthropy and the company is honoring that by continually making game-changing moves for women with their not-for-profit, the THINX Foundation. Based on their experience with women’s health, education and the community, their first initiative, the THINX Global Girls Club, provides girls safe spaces to learn about their bodies, explore their rights as human beings and build a local coalition of empowered peers. The goal of the foundation, says Maria, is to support the company’s goals in breaking the taboos around menstruation, amplify women’s voices and facilitate environmentally responsible choices.

And we’re here, in our cotton panties, all ready for that.

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