Alexis Novak, named Los Angeles’ #1 Trending Fitness Instructor in 2014 by Rate Your Burn is not your average LA yoga teacher. Instructing both private and group lessons, Alexis believes in level-building strength training and focuses strong attention on alignment and intentional power. With a deep love for the human body and total wellness, she applies her enthusiasm and knowledge of muscle groups, bone structure and the endocrine system to serve her students. Besides teaching clients in their own homes and in the studio she has led annual retreats to Bali, Italy and Costa Rica. What can you expect from one of her classes? A blend of compassion and a sense of humor serving her philosophy that every body derives to feel good, healthy and strong!

1 | All women — Especially those who organized the Women’s March and other events that give a voice to those who cannot speak on a large scale. We have been through so much in the last year, and although it’s been devastating, humanity has stood up, united and let those who are being wrongly persecuted know they are not alone and that we will not back down.

2 | David Attenborough — He has dedicated his life to educating people on the natural world. With his beautiful narration on the Planet Earth series, he has made information and visuals available that we wouldn’t have access to otherwise. He sat down with President Obama to talk about climate change last year and said, “We cannot preserve what we don’t know about. We must stay educated on the natural world and how we can preserve her.”

3 | Ra Ra Riot‘s music — They have an album that is just so feel-good. It’s impossible to listen to it and not feel uplifted and like you want to move, run and dance!

4 | My yoga students — I am constantly learning and opening up to new ideas when I step across from them on our mats. My job has allowed me to connect and get to know amazing people I would have never met if it weren’t for our shared love of yoga. I adore my students and am endlessly grateful for their dedication to their practice and their trust in me to guide them.

5 | Writers — I am constantly blown away by the brilliant minds of those out there. While there are many downsides to the Internet, a positive side is we get access to so much more informative and eloquent art work. Writers bear their hearts, offer their advice based on experience, create laughter in times of despair (check Twitter during any White House press conference) and use their talent, time and energy to help others feel less alone through their words. The world needs brave voices now more than ever.

6 | Norman Fischer literature — Norman Fischer is an author, teacher and Zen abbot. He leads Vipassana (silent meditation retreats) and has written multiple enlightening and approachable books about mindfulness — my favorite being Training in Compassion.

7 | The all female team at Clique Media Group(And especially at THE/THIRTY wellness hub.) It’s been a pleasure and joy to write and share my personal wellness journey and yoga tips n’ tricks with the followers of CMG. It is a company by women for women, and I am having so much fun being part of their contributing team.

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