Vanessa Johansson is the resident alchemist, CEO, and Chief Custom designer for RainShadow Labs. Her intention is to be an instrument for health and healing on this planet and simultaneously aims to create the most effective skin care products in the world. Highly educated, she received both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Holistic Health, Herbalism and Aromatherapy and has spent the past 19 years studying plant medicines. Her impressive experience in the field includes a 9 year apprenticeship with a Huichol Elder medicine man, 3 years with a Seminole Native American medicine man, and work with various Shamans from Guatemala and Peru.

This year she debuted her skincare line Numerology, a sophisticated and comprehensive line of intelligent formulations designed to re-educate your skin. The brand drew from the deepest and richest reserves of nature’s pharmacy to impart the highest and deepest intelligence available to us today.

Also dedicated to giving back, Numerology uses a women’s cooperative in Ghana, Africa to source its 100% raw and wild crafted shea butter product, Karite, which is used in many Numerology products. This partnership has changed countless lives and allowed these women to control their own future and financial success.

We caught up with Vanessa to ask her to share with us the seven things most influencing her life at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | Intentional solitude — As I am an avid student of integrity, knowing what I actually feel as I am feeling it is paramount. Intentional solitude allows me to court myself daily and allow the shy features of my soul to make an appearance in the stillness that I cultivate. It’s extremely edifying, soothing and rewarding.

2 | Weight lifting — I have become aware that vitality is the quality of beauty that is truly captivating to me — thus inhabiting a strong body has become paramount to my beauty routine. I am now able to hold myself in a way that allows for a truly elegant and juicy meeting between myself and my life.

3 | The art of negotiation — Life is a wild tangle of wants and needs all being negotiated by everything all of the time. Masterful communication really turns me on, thus I am studying the art of negotiation, examining everyone from Ivy League professors to the FBI’s most talented international kidnapping negotiators.

4 | Plants — Plants are living encyclopedias of unmolested intelligence coming to us straight from the source of creation. They re-educate our cells and bring us back to the original blueprint of life in general. I eat them, read about them, distill them, infuse my life, home, body and products with their oils and waters, pray with them, make teas out of them, build my professional economy with them and study them endlessly. I view them as breadcrumbs to find my way back to something far wilder, deeper, darker and more essential than anything the current culture can ever provide for, or allow, in my life.

5 | Public nudity — I have fallen in love with the local nude beach. Being outdoors near the water with a bunch of other naked people all day long is oddly life-affirming. I feel more in my body. I get to see the exposed bodies of my fellow earthlings, and in doing so, I end up feeling more like a being than a doing. Also, the lack of technology in the aforementioned scenario is extremely helpful!

6 | Cold water — Our nervous system is our information portal to the world around us. I’m interested in continually growing rather than shortening my telomeres (which are the ends of the nervous system). Cold water plunges and cold showers are excellent daily practices to grow the nervous system and become a biological system capable of receiving and transmitting more light and energy. I practice this daily.

7 | Intermittent fasting — The intelligence of the human body is nothing short of astonishing. I like to step aside weekly and allow it to be its brilliant self with as little interference as possible. I do this by only drinking herbal teas and water for 24 hours while my body gets to rest and reset. Sounds simple, but the impact is dramatic. One must try it in order to fully appreciate the impact of this one weird little life hack!

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