GOLDE is a New York based wellness collective centered in the nourishing powers of turmeric. Founded by Trinity Mouton Wofford, GOLDE was created in the interest of promoting a daily wellness routine that is accessible, effective and fun.

Trinity grew up understanding the idea that food is medicine but it wasn’t until turmeric positively affected her mother’s rheumatoid arthritis that she began incorporating this healing plant into her everyday wellness routine. The root has beautifying and mood-boosting benefits that she felt were too powerful not to be shared. Today, GOLDE is available for purchase globally, and the company has been featured in Forbes and Essence magazine.

We recently caught up with Trinity to ask her to share with us the seven things making her life better at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | Seaweed — My partner, Issey, is Japanese and has gotten me into the health benefits of eating algae. Because it comes from the sea, it’s actually more nutrient-dense than any land vegetable. I make my own miso soup in the morning with a mix of dulse, kombu and wakame varieties.

2 | Raw African shea butter — My skin care savior. You can find this at your local beauty supply in an iconic yellow tub, or just get it on Amazon. Make sure it’s raw and unprocessed so it still contains all the nutrients. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory and is high in Vitamin A (aka retinol), so it’s my go-to for balancing my complexion and healing breakouts.

3 | Apple cider vinegar + Turmeric tonic — I was inspired by a couple of GOLDE fans who make this. It’s two teaspoons of the Original GOLDE blend, 1 teaspoon of raw, unfiltered ACV mixed together with hot water. I add copious amounts of raw honey to balance the tartness of the vinegar. It tastes like hot mulled cider and has more health benefits than I can list.

4 | Promoting black enterprises — Since launching GOLDE, I’ve had a few opportunities to interact with fellow women of color in all stages of entrepreneurship, and each moment has been so inspiring for me. The health and beauty fields in particular have always lacked inclusivity for black and brown girls, so I’m thrilled to see more members of our community building what they wish had always existed.

5 | Yellow — This color warms up your whole damn life. It’s also the color of my two favorite things on this earth: raw shea butter and turmeric.

6 | Age Ain’t Nothin’ but a Number by Aaliyah — I was sitting at the bar at Cafe Gitane in New York early this summer and the waiter was bumping this. It’s since been the soundtrack to the rest of my summer. I love how chance experiences like that can help you rediscover something you loved, like an old album. Definitely a New York moment.

7 | Mornings at the farmers market — We’re between NYC and upstate NY right now, which means incredible produce all around. That said, nothing beats the magic of an early weekday morning at the Union Square Greenmarket when it’s just you and the chefs.

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