Shelby Wild moved to Venice Beach after realizing that living in a cramped New York City apartment wasn’t allowing her the space to create and just live. Her move allowed her to focus on the things that were important to her, such as spending mornings swimming in the ocean or  being out surfing. This allowed her to reconnect to nature, and to an extension of herself she wasn’t finding while in NY.

Heavily influenced by the “laid-back California spirit,” she began the journey of creating a hair care company, Playa with the goal of creating hair products that are both effortless and healthy — while still actually working.

The end result comes from years of development working with equally passionate partners that have given their heart and souls to bring the Playa concept to life.

We caught up with the young entrepreneur (who has incredible hair, might we add) to ask her to share the seven things most influencing her life at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | The ocean — I live on the beach in Venice and can not think of anything that brings me a feeling of calm like being near the water. Each morning I like to go for a run on the sand and jump in the water when I arrive home — it is the best start to any day.

2 | My garden — I love cooking and recently started a garden (we even have chickens!). The flavors you get to experience when eating truly fresh, home grown food are incredible.

3 | Friends — We recently launched in Violet Grey and I was reminded how incredible my friends are when they came to support Playa at our launch party. I am very lucky to have such loving and supporting people lifting me up and inspiring me. At the end of the day, there is nothing more important that loving and being loved.

4 | Travel — Life is about experiences and there’s nothing that will enrich you more than travel. I love immersing myself in other cultures and coming away with a new and expanded perspective on life. I went to Marrakech and camped in the Atlas mountains with the Berber tribe for my birthday last year and it was one of the most incredible trips of my life thus far.

5 | My Linus bicycle — I gave up driving when I moved to Venice and my Linus bicycle is now my primary means of transportation. I can’t tell you how great of a decision this was. While it’s probably not the safest decision, one of my favorite things to do is to listen to music and ride down the boardwalk.

6 | Love Yoga — My friend Kyle Miller recently opened a yoga studio in Venice, called Love Yoga. Her and her business partner, Sian, are incredible and the classes they teach are unlike anything you have tried before. If you are ever on the West Side, I highly recommend visiting them.

7 | Gjelina — Gjelina is pretty much as good as it gets… especially when it’s squash blossom season. Yum!!!

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