Kama Hagar is a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Los Angeles. Growing up the daughter of Van Halen’s frontman, Sammy Hagar, her family spent time traveling between California, Maui and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Having lived a vagabond lifestyle since birth, Kama developed a love for beauty of all kinds. This deep passion for wanting to understand what was beautiful to each person and in turn, what made them personally feel more beautiful has led her to the creation of her pure, organic skincare line. Kama Botanicals is all-natural and inspired by Maui, the one place she truly considers home. Her brand also combines her interests in ethics and sustainability that she developed throughout her travels. Her line inspires confidence, a trait Kama believes, once mastered, can allow anyone to rule the world!

We caught up with the skincare maven to ask her to share the seven things making her life better at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | Organic/Natural Living — I believe that everything should be as pure as possible for optimal health — everything from beauty products to food to cleaning supplies. For example, you can use the same bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar for your hair, face, salad and your countertop… and that’s amazing.

2 | Maui — Growing up part-time on the North Shore, my heart and soul is deeply invested in this little island. The fresh trade-winds, lush jungle, fragrant flowers and beautiful, warm ocean inspire everything I do and every move I make.

3 | Reggae — Reggae music is the best, happy vibes all the time.

4 | Kundalini Yoga — RA MA Institute in Venice Beach is one of the most incredible communities and experiences you can have in LA, or in general. From the meditative aspect to the yoga workout to the insightful, profound teachings of Guru Jagat, I’m a huge fan.

5 | Plumerias — Ever since I was a little girl, this flower, or a flower of the same family, has been residing in my hair. The scent is impossible to replicate which seems to make it that much more heavenly.

6 | Belly Dancing — Did you know that the movements are good for female reproductive organs? Belly dancing is the most beautiful, sensual and expressive dance to me.

7 | Jackfruit — It’s just the raddest fruit. Raw, it tastes like sweet Juicy Fruit gum, and when cooked it can taste like any meat you want it to with proper seasoning… even carnitas! And trust me, after living in Cabo for a year, I know carnitas.

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