HigherDOSE, the Infrared Detox Spa

10.31.2017 Arts & Culture
Gemma Totten
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The tagline? A spa that gets you high naturally. HigherDOSE is a popular infrared spa concept in New York, founded by Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps. DOSE stands for dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins, all of which are released and increased during the infrared experience. Katie, the co-founder of HigherDOSE, likens the feeling to a runner’s high, and in describing her first session explained “It felt like I had just went on a six mile run.” Except (lazy people tune in now)… no exercise is required.

The infrared experience is similar to that of a normal sauna. All one needs to do is sit and sweat it out for an hour, but HigherDOSE has the added twist of allowing spa goers the opportunity to blast whatever music they feel fits the experience, and of course, take a few selfies while they are at it. The technology targets and heats the body, which differentiates it from a typical sauna, because the air does not heat up, making it easier to sit through a session. The benefits are not just limited to the feeling of a natural high, however, as major calorie burn, detox and relaxation are also a part of the deal.

It sounds too good to be true —  but its popularity suggests it is, indeed, the real deal.

HigherDOSE now has five New York locations scattered throughout the city. Although the experience and benefits keep people coming back, the role of Lauren and Katie, as two female entrepreneurs, cannot be overlooked in the success of the company. With diverse backgrounds — one in finance and the other in health — these women came together with a shared passion and are changing the industry as consumers know it.

By bridging technology with a spa experience, the self described adrenaline junkies have found a niche in the market that wasn’t there before and are seeing all sorts of customers flocking to HigherDOSE — from athletes to mothers to stressed out business people. In an age of accessibility, it’s easy to get medicine for problems such as stress and anxiety, but infrared spas offer a natural alternative whose benefits are changing how people are dealing with such issues.

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