Death Doula

09.19.2017 The Fullest Podcasts

Death. It’s something we don’t want to think about. Contemplating the loss of a loved one or the fear around our own mortality is so overwhelmingly huge, we can’t even go there. But it’s a part of life and unavoidable, so why wouldn’t we try and prepare for it with as much grace, love and strength as we can muster? This week we sit down with Death Doula, Jill Shock, a benevolent soul who, after a personal experience with death, found her calling as a death doula. She blends her Masters in Ethics and Theology with her deep spiritual, but not religious, faith. Jill and Nikki beautifully dive into the aspects of death, including fear and anxiety at any age, the choice to use aid in your own death and the importance of honesty and openness with your loved ones. This often heavy topic is dealt with a sacred humility and acceptance that is guaranteed to makes us all feel better about our reality.

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