You probably already know Lisa Veronica as half of the iconic Aussie band, The Veronicas… but did you also know that when she’s not touring or in the studio with her twin sister she’s most likely growing her own veggies or meditating? Lisa and I first connected over our mutual love of Sacred Chocolate, and my affinity for her as an artist has continued to blossom over the years.

So what’s keeping this organic gardener, rockstar and body-positive role model ticking? She was kind enough to take some time to share and this is what she said:

1 | Lion’s Mane I can’t live without this life changing medicinal mushroom in my life. It has more than earned its right to be a part of my daily ritual with its benefits spanning from improved brain function, memory and nerve support. I usually take two capsules every morning but have also recently discovered the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixir Powder blends with: Reishi (healthy heart and immune system boosting), Chaga (antioxidant and DNA support), Cordyceps (energy support) and of course, Lion’s Mane (memory and nerve support). Now who doesn’t want that with their morning coffee?

2 | Organic coconut oil — It’s been said: “I’ve got 99 problems and coconut oil solved like 86 of them.” Literally. It is the miracle we all need to know about. I use it topically or ingest it for neverending health benefits. Cooking oil, makeup remover, moisturizer, shaving balm, hair treatment, oil pulling for teeth and mouth health, personal lubricant, etc. Not to mention, a tablespoon daily helps kills candida, balances hormones and keeps you regular! Add to your coffee for an added brain and energy boost. Again, it’s an absolute must-have in my suitcase wherever I go.

3 | Urban gardening and self sustainability — A self sustainable lifestyle to me is true freedom. Providing for yourself by co-existing with nature, not compromising it, means so much. Over-consumption is the root cause of our environmental problems — therefore making green consumption and simple living our only authentic solution. It is truly the simplest things in life that can be the most rewarding. I’ve never felt prouder than when growing our own food and raising our four chickens — who now provide us with eggs daily. I’ve started to experiment with making my own coffee and coconut oil shower scrubs in antique repurposed glass jars. This is my first step to making the majority of my own natural cosmetics and household cleaning products with the intention to cut down on waste and packaging. My twin sister and I are actually releasing a cookbook next year based off our passion and love for eating plant-based! So watch out for that!

4 | Gaia I’m obsessed with this incredible streaming hub of conscious media. It is a limitless vortex of films and documentaries on spiritual growth, alternative health, yoga, meditation, ancient aliens and metaphysics.

5 | Sacred Geometry eForcePlus Pendants I am so in love with these powerful and purposeful necklaces. I am a big believer of sacred geometry patterns and the energy they hold. These pendants are made up of natural rare earth minerals, metals, crystals and gemstones all created to inspire and promote consciousness within us. With the crazy schedule I keep living on planes and different time zones, wearing a piece of nature to help ground and reconnect me to my higher self has become an integral part of my well being.

6 | 108 Om Chants by Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani Patanjali Yoga Sutra has been one of those truly life changing experiences for me. It’s helped me delve deeper than ever before into my own transformation and healing. It’s a very powerful and moving chant that I wanted to share.

7 | Cards of Destiny These cards by Robert Lee Camp are a system I have connected with and studied for years. They are based off your birth date and give an incredibly accurate account of your life path and purpose, gifts and challenges and the karma you have brought with you into this lifetime. Like a deck of cards, each one correlates with a specific number and suit. It can delve into every aspect of your life, as well as into what energies are at play for every age of your life. But beware — only look if you are truly ready to see!

8 | Gratitude — Lately during my meditation I have adopted a new mantra: “I choose happiness.” It’s taken me a lot longer than I wish to admit to accept and understand that my happiness relies solely on myself and my perspective. Happiness is a choice. Nothing or no one else can hold that power over you — and no experience is ever a waste of time if you take something from it. I’m grateful for challenging times because those are the experiences that force you to grow, to feel, to hurt and most importantly, to move on and heal. I am not just a survivor, I am a warrior.

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