The Fullest Book Club: You Are the Universe

09.26.2017 Uncategorized
Christine Dionese
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While I consider the human intellect to be absolutely amazing, for a large part of my life I considered it to be limited. I assumed it had reached its capacity… but, if we came together collectively to accept one another (guided through the simple pretense of a one-love vibe), or, if we became conscious globally, we could recharge intellectual evolution and experience things beyond our wildest imaginations. In the book, You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters, authors Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos suggest that this may, in fact, be possible.

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to discuss topics on personal development and spiritual growth here at The Fullest. I consider it a professional responsibility to put in the time to continually educate both personally and professionally, in order to humbly guide others. Even after almost two decades of consulting, I believe it’s essential to maintain a consistent practice and research of spiritual growth and personal development.

I’ve followed Deepak Chopra’s work from the start of my career in integrative wellness. If you’re new to his work, Deepak is a pioneer in integrative medicine and has been referred to as one of the most influential thinkers of our time.

In You Are The Universe he says that there is an experiential transformation when traveling from A to Zen — it’s the extra step that can actually make the phrase “leveling up” a possibility.

It’s either going to reaffirm, excite and inspire what you’ve always intuitively known, thought and felt, or it’s going to challenge all that you believe in. Either way, it’s going to move your mind to consider the possibility of if the universe is truly alive.

Deepak and Kafatos say yes, this is what the science of quantum mechanics points to.

You might not feel sure of this theory, but this book will explain why our old ways of thinking — those that are based on fear and those that divide us — could really be a thing of the past if we can be brave enough to make the final push to evolve.

Before you read the book however, it’s important to dedicate yourself to the science it’s based on — even if you must suspend your beliefs while you read it. Through quantum mechanics the authors explain that creation is not only an ongoing process, but orchestrated by the choices of every single piece and part of the universe — a universe that is alive.

This book is where science and discovery meet human intuition and wellness. It’s one that brings together philosophy and science. Which for me, is a dream come true.

Do you believe that you are a co-creator of the universe? Need a lesson on being the universe everyday? Check out Deepak’s thoughts here.

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