The Fullest Book Club: Women Who Run With the Wolves

09.05.2017 Uncategorized
Tresa Palmer
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Women Who Run With the Wolves is a multicultural exploration of myth and the female soul. Jungian Analyst and Physiatrist, Clarissa Estes, PhD, takes an anthropological journey into the nature of the wild woman that lives within every woman. Estes uses a brilliant mix of storytelling, story analysis and wisdom, to shed light on the lessons of these timeless tales and how they apply to us.

Written in 1992, Women Who Run With the Wolves has become an important fixture in the conversation of the wild female. The book begins with Estes explaining her connection to myth, storytelling and womanhood. It goes on to explain the societal constructs — past and present — which have forced us to repress our inherent wild nature, before diving into the compilation of powerful tales that shape the entirety of the book.

For the western woman who has become largely distanced from her ancestral roots and saged storytelling, this book offers great wisdom. It is Dr. Estes’ belief that great healing can come from the telling of these chosen tales.

And, after exploring the book, I completely agree. These aren’t the myths and tales Disney has sold us since we were young — these myths are honest and often dark as they face our shadow’s nature. The confrontation of the protagonist’s shadow in these tales is a reminder to us that this is a part of life that’s not to be suppressed or shamed.

As a woman, having grown up in the west with the constant craving for what is sacred, Women Who Run With the Wolves checks all the boxes. It bridged my conscious mind to my intuition and shed light, while putting words to emotions I could never quite articulate. It empowered my wild nature and brought me into a greater understanding of my female community.

This book is a reminder that it all matters. Those feelings you’re feeling deep down, the same ones society so desperately wants you to ignore — they matter. Every soul, female or male, has something to gain from reading Estes’ work.

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