Meet Giana, the 8-Year-Old Blowing Up the Art World

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Lindsay DeLong
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When Giana was just two she started painting using watercolors. By the age of four she was holding mock art shows in her living room showcasing pieces she’d made from objects she had found outside. Just a few years later, the now eight-year-old is an up-and-coming artist that is known in the art and fashion sets for putting her own unique spin on couture ads and editorials.

Her brand, “Dear Giana” has become so popular via social media in fact, that the Dallas-based artist has even started traveling to debut her own art shows in different cities throughout the States. Kid’s fashion line, même hosted a Dear Giana show in Seattle and Natalie Alcala’s Fashion Mamas recently hosted one in Los Angeles, aptly named by Giana, “It’s a Cool Cool World” (because, according to the pint-sized star: “Everything around you is so cool if you just take a look!”).

The third grader, whose favorite subject is science, takes inspiration from designer Moschino and calls his clothes “crazy” while complimenting their colors and patterns. A straight-A student who made the honor roll in both first and second grade, she proudly states that once she grows up she would like to be an artist and a fashion designer, and then adds, “It would also be cool to be a scientist.”

Her illustrations have included reinventions of a handful of Supreme’s iconic photos such as Kate Moss smoking and Kermit the Frog wearing a Supreme tee. She’s taken on Chanel, YSL and Nike and has even put out a streetwear capsule collection with Haus of JR. She trades off between watercolors and markers, citing the different textures they create. “They can really change a picture,” she confidently states. “My favorite thing about making art is that it is super colorful and sooo much fun to make. You can create and draw anything you want.”

Giana also has fun experimenting with fashion herself (“If it’s not comfortable, I don’t want to wear it!”) often posing for photo shoots for her mom, Gena, as well as various media outlets (oh hey, Vogue Korea!). Gena, who has always been into fashion and personal style and has never been one to shy away from a loud outfit, admits that Lil G, as she calls her fashionable protégé, doesn’t hesitate in giving her two cents about her mother’s sometimes crazy outfit choices. “She definitely has an opinion on what she likes and doesn’t like,” the proud mom explains. “It is my dream for my kids to be super confident in who they are and in how they express themselves through their clothing.” She often laughs when she overhears Giana schooling her non-fashion obsessed father about various designers. “She really knows what she’s talking about!”

Fans of Giana can purchase shirts, autographed prints and stay up-to-date with Giana’s young, exciting and “super cool cool” colorful world via Instagram or the Dear Giana website. In September, follow along as Giana heads to NYC for her debut East Coast show to headline Fashion Mamas’ Kids Fashion Fair.

Lindsay DeLong is the Managing Editor of The Fullest. When she was little she was an expert drawer of Fred Flintstone and Snoopy — not Chanel. Doh! Find her at or on Instagram @lindizzaster.

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