Meet Agent Nateur’s Agent for Change: Jena Covello

08.22.2017 Arts & Culture
Christine Dionese
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Agents for change don’t always stand out of the crowd and they aren’t always famous, but here in LA, sometimes you land a really unique opportunity to have your message noticed by the thousands. These agents take risks many of us won’t, or, they may be ahead of trend so much so that they help set a course for the way we perceive and therefore live. That, is a profound thing.

We caught up with change agent, Jena Covello, founder of Agent Nateur, an LA-based ethical beauty brand so committed to natural and organic ingredients that her products are basically edible! Jena’s ahead-of-trend, tenacious attitude is all about truth, justice and the promotion of personal freedom through accurate information. We spoke to Jena about sourcing non-GMO ingredients, how she vets her media sources, what she thinks about the new feminist movement and what’s ahead for Agent Nateur.


You have created a no-nonsense, luxe product that originates from the finest, non-GMO, clean ingredients possible. Has this been a tricky journey sourcing materials since you created Agent Nateur? And, you source from Paris. Tell us about that process.

It’s tricky when adding anti-aging ingredients. For example, nearly all Vitamin C is GMO so I source mine in France along with the rest of the anti-aging ingredients. It’s hard finding suppliers, so I travel to Europe often to find the best possible quality. I don’t have to worry about GMO’s in Europe because they are banned.

You are an ardent supporter of facilitating free-thinking media. How do you suggest people vet their media/information sources? What do you think is the biggest challenge in disseminating legitimate health and wellness research to the public at large and how have you encountered it in your business life when considering your products?

I don’t read or watch mainstream media, but rather I attend holistic doctors conferences and have been reading Natural News for at least six years. The biggest challenge is that the vast majority of people think that mainstream media is truth. I’d say to research who your favorite publications are owned by, which companies they invest in and, which politicians are investing in those media outlets. As a research experiment, consider vaccines — take a look at which pharmaceutical companies are paying the scientists and politicians. In many cases scientists are paid by politicians to support statements that support the politician’s agenda. Just look at Monsanto for example.  

What do you think of the new feminist movement and agenda? Do you align with it or see that we need a “movement for the people” rather than concentrating on women alone? What is your message and what would you like to contribute to the movement either personally or professionally… or both?

I think the term “feminist” should evolve into meaning something a bit different. I still love the term, but I think the message should emphasize our ability to take complete responsibility for our lives by getting out of victim-mode rather than blaming our situation on anyone else. That is true power and the most beautiful thing a woman can do. When you stay in the cycle of blame, you can’t manifest or live the life you truly deserve.

Getting people out of their comfort zones is generally necessary for real change to ensue. Do you think we’re getting there in the U.S.?

Yes! I believe many people are waking up and it’s our responsibility to continue waking people by thinking outside the box, by not buying into mainstream media or the group-think mentality, and by not being afraid to go against the grain in terms of saying what’s not socially popular.

What’s one ahead-of-trend idea that you want to predict or think people want to look out for?

People are investing in health and wellness experiences and travel instead of fashion.

What’s in the pipeline; what should we watch for?

More fountain of youth products!

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