Makers of Chains: Two Jewelry Designers You Need to Know

08.08.2017 Uncategorized
Kristina Pedersen
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Two Chicago designers, Chrissy Zezza and Giselle Gatsby, are making gorgeous jewelry for men and women (and everyone in between). Chrissy Zezza, designing under the name JoeLuc, started out creating looks exclusively for women, but men began gravitating toward her delicate chains and dainty nothings and now she has an entire men’s line coming out this fall. Giselle Gatsby’s pieces are contemporary and bold: designed entirely in lucite. Her pieces seem content to live on their own, without the help of any human beings. Her designs are proper fun, they beg questions and make any quiet look just a little bit louder. Luke Olson and his body parts model a few of their pieces.

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