Immersion Learning is the New Adult Education at 1440 Multiversity

08.15.2017 Arts & Culture
Michelle Pellizzon
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Say what you want about them — that they’re vapid, lazy, entitled, impersonal — but millennials have one thing going for them: they love learning.

The most highly educated generation ever, it seems millennials are eager to go back to college to earn a graduate degree either with the hopes of earning more money… or just because they enjoy being in the classroom again.

If you’ve got that itch to learn, but aren’t really interested in a two year commitment and $100,000 worth of debt, we’ve got good news — there’s a new option. And it’s unlike any other adult learning institution you’ve ever considered. 1440 Multiversity is an all-inclusive campus located in Scotts Valley, California, just south of San Francisco. At 1440, students will experience immersion learning — truncated, intensive courses taking place over a few days or weeks as opposed to months or years.

The whole thing is a little like summer camp, with a New Age twist. Campus is nestled into the lush greenery of Northern California, and students are housed in state-of-the-art accommodations that are more luxury hotel than dorm room. Nourishing meals at Kitchen Table, the farm-to-table restaurant on campus where you can eat fireside or al fresco on the patio, are included in the course costs. And everyone can enjoy unlimited yoga classes, meditation workshops, the sauna and steam rooms, and the pool.

But what really sets 1440 Multiversity apart are its non-traditional course offerings — it’s the type of place you could visit to complete a yoga teacher training certification course, to take a creative writing course with author Julia Cameron, or to receive continuing education credits for a counseling or therapeutic degree. No, you’re probably not going to find an Intro to Business class here; the founders of 1440 Multiversity, Scott and Joanie Kriens, wanted their school to be a place where mind, body, philosophy, spirit and wellness could grow in guests. Their eclectic course catalog perfectly personifies their philosophy, because there is truly something for everyone at their school.

1440 Multiversity represents the millennial generation. A group of doers who would rather enjoy life experiences than spend money on material things, millennials are eager to go on a relaxing vacation off the grid that incorporates learning and healing into their downtime. As alternative modalities like acupuncture, energy healing, Reiki, and even functional nutrition begin to get more traction in the mainstream world, more millennials are willing to try their hand at it. 1440 Multiversity provides an immersive experience that allows the “wellness curious” to try on new, out-of-the-box ways of thinking and feeling without getting judged by their peers or feeling like they’re crazy trying to cleanse someone’s aura. The Kriens started their school with one major goal in mind: to explore, learn, reflect, connect and reenergize. And it’s safe to say they’ve done it!

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