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Margie Hoffman — Grandma Extraordinaire

Nikki Bostwick
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Margie Hoffman is my sweet grandmother-in-law. Lucky for me, I grew up spending time with this lovely woman who just so happens to be a Gemini like me. She’s been a constant inspiration on all sorts of life lessons — including a big one: living with intention.

Margie is a talented artist who finds peace in creating. A mother of four and grandmother of eight, she is the anchor of her family who is very close with her two sisters and still quite the socialite! With so much going on around her, she never misses a birthday or thank you card, and always seems to be up for some “truth or dare” (the other day I dared her to do the splits… and she did them!).

I could sit and listen to Margie’s stories for days, and I often wish I could share every one of them with our readers. Margie has experienced so much in her life, including the tragic loss of her grandson, Tye. Through life’s ups and downs, she always seems to keep it together without avoiding her feelings. She acknowledges whatever it is she’s going through, feels them out, and then channels that energy into something positive. This video is our tribute to Margie and all of the good she has brought our way. Every day she continues to teach us, so chances are there’s something in here that will hit home with you!

Judy, Margie’s eldest daughter, took up the task of gathering together some of Margie’s work. To find out more visit www.artfromamomsheart.com

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