I recently took a trip to Australia where I got lost in Melbourne’s brekkie bowls and exceptional brews. One Saturday, I found myself brunching at beloved Thai haunt Chin Chin, where I sampled a dish which inspired me to create this guac riff. It’s a pretty standard guac recipe — heavy on the lime juice just how I like it — but spiked with a special treat: roasted peanuts.


1 Avocado

3 tablespoons Cilantro, chopped

3 tablespoons Peanuts, toasted, unsalted and roughly chopped

3 teaspoons Lime Juice, fresh

½ teaspoon Salt


Beet Powder, dehydrated

The Real Coconut’s Coconut Flour Tortilla Chips*


1 | Cut avocado lengthwise. Discard pit and scoop flesh into small bowl.

2 | Using a fork, roughly mash avocado.

3 | Add in the other ingredients and mix with a spoon. (Guacamole should be mashed with some larger pieces still intact.)

4 | Arrange tortilla chips, sprinkling with spirulina and dehydrated beet powder. Serve.

*Makes 2 servings.

*These tortilla chips were originally exclusively served at The Real Coconut, part of Sanara hotel in Tulum. Just recently, owner Daniella Hunter turned them into a retail product available at select Whole Foods around LA.

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