Kati Holland is the Chief Unicorn Officer of Pearl Butter, a line of adaptogenic, super-herb butters that have been making some serious waves on Instagram due to their gorgeous pastel colors (think millennial pink, baby blue, and soft lavender).

But life wasn’t always “unicorn lattes” and “mermaid toast” for Kati. After taking a birth control pill for her acne at age 19, Kati suffered from a severe lymphatic reaction and had to drop out of the University of Pennsylvania. She spent the next year in and out of hospitals, doctor’s offices, and treatment centers, but to no avail.

Finally, in a last-ditch effort to get her body (and life) back, Kati made an appointment to see an naturopath. However, it wasn’t until she delved deep into the world of eastern medicine and adaptogens that she found relief (and yes, clear skin). Out of that “pain” and “aha moment,” Pearl Butter was born.

Now, Kati’s mission is to turn your beauty routine inside, starting with a line of dairy-free butters formulated for glowing skin, elevated mood and a strong, sexy brain (“because brains are freaking beautiful,” she says).

We caught up with Kati to ask her to share the seven things most influencing her at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | Rose, everything — Life’s not always a bed of roses, but rose-infused facial mist, boba and chocolate (Honey Mama’s is the BOMB!) sure make it feel that way. There’s something so seductive and soothing about the scent, and it makes me feel like I have my sh*t together when I’m watching reality TV.

2 | Friðheimar Farm Most. Magical. Lunch. Ever. It’s a hidden tomato farm/organic greenhouse in the south of Iceland that serves tomato soup, green-tomato and apple pie, and healthy versions of Bloody Marys. The best part? You can pick your own basil (tableside) while you eat!

3 | Activated Pearl — My saving grace for clear, glowing skin. When my herbalist first suggested I add pearl powder to my smoothies, I was like “HECK NO!” But then I learned it was Asia’s best-kept skin secret and I tried it. Consuming pearl is, hands down, the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin, and that’s actually the inspiration behind Pearl Butter.

4 | Beyond YogaI’m obsessed with their high-waisted leggings. They’re perfect for challenging yoga postures, and they hug my butt in all the right places.

5 | Eugenia Loli She’s a modern vintage collage artist whose work has moved me to tears. I discovered her pieces when I was at my all-time low, and even though they’re filled with disco balls, watermelon rivers and supersized oreos, there’s a depth to them that really resonates with me.

6 | Le Petit PrinceMy dad grew up in Belgium, so he read it to me when I was little. My favorite line is this: “You — you alone will have the stars as no one else has them… In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night… You — only you — will have stars that can laugh.” BTW, my dad is my best friend.

7 | Reality TV — My motto is 80/20 balance, and let’s just say my 20 comes from reality television shows (aka: Vanderpump Rules!). In all seriousness, I’m so over self-righteousness, especially in the wellness world. You can still eat greasy takeout and call yourself a yogi. You can still watch table-flipping Bravo reruns and be in touch with your spirituality. At Pearl Butter, we’ll meet you, love you, and support you wherever you are.

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