Archer Love was born in Omaha, Nebraska and raised as a Christian. Growing up he never resonated with religious beliefs and always found the ideas of Hell and Judgment Day to be unrealistic. He sought to find truth in other religions, philosophies and practices, and ultimately found there is at least some truth in everything.

At 18 he joined the Air Force as a munitions specialist, which resulted in PTSD and depression. He then studied Chemistry and Psychology at the University of Arizona while seeking cures for PTSD. It was not until Archer discovered an ancient third eye opening form of alchemy known as Ormus, that he experienced relief and truth.

Ormus helps people to access their higher self and tap into the Universe where they are able to find the truth in their heart — truth, not according to society, but according to the individual’s destiny. The longer Archer made and used Ormus the more he began to realize it may be a solution to a lot of the problems people in the modern world are facing.

He created Now Alchemy as a tool for sharing Ormus and a solution to modern societies’ ailment of seeking fulfillment outside the self. Now Alchemy Ormus is sold at Erewhon, Moon Juice, Café Gratitude, and several other locations in Los Angeles, as well as Bali and the UK.

We recently caught up with Archer to ask him to share with us the seven things he is most interested in right now. This is what he said:

1 | Alchemy — Alchemy is my greatest passion because it is the relationship between consciousness and matter. Not one or the other, but the relationship between the two. Therefore, the practice of alchemy has benefits in anti-aging and allows people to get the most out of life in this material realm. I spend a lot of time researching new techniques and mastering the techniques I am already putting to use. Ormus was the first form of alchemy that I really got into and it literally changed my life. That’s when I started to make the switch from basic chemistry over to ancient alchemy.

2 | Music I bought a guitar a couple weeks ago because I kept having dreams about playing one. Since then I’ve been playing for hours a day. I absolutely love it. I made a song called “Medicine” that I’m practicing a lot. It’s about true love. Anything that brings you into the center of your heart is your medicine. Love is the greatest healer of all.

3 | Yoga I have been doing yoga daily for the last couple of years. It is the work that is absolutely necessary for everything else I do in life. Yoga complements all of the alchemy and all of the philosophies that I share with people. You can use Ormus and read spiritual books without doing yoga, but you won’t embody the information in a way that produces harmony and abundance in your life. Yoga weaves it all together.  My favorite pose is the Warrior 2. I like it because it becomes very challenging to hold at some point, and that’s when I’m able to move into acceptance by going deeper, rather than backing away.

4 | Relationship I have a beloved that is very important to me. The Dalai Lama once said that his potential for ascension is limited by the fact that he can’t date. Simply dating around is a waste of time and energy, but when the Universe brings us a beloved, nothing can take us deeper into ourselves and into truth than that heart-centered connection that comes when we work through misunderstandings. Through peace, patience and listening we become stronger. The relationship teaches us how to put another before ourselves. The relationship shows us our blinds spots so that we can be more successful in life.

5 | Writing I wrote a book last year that I am still working on publishing. I wrote 600 pages in two weeks, and now I have to edit it. Turns out that’s the hard part! It’s poetry, psychology and philosophy. I really enjoyed writing it but the editing is a whole different thing. I put that on hold for a while to work on Now Alchemy, but I’ve been feeling very called to get back into it lately. I have some employees now helping me with the company so I’ve got more time on my hands for editing.

6 | Nature Lately I’ve been getting into nature a lot more. I can’t really say I live in Los Angeles, because I’m in Venice, and Venice is a whole different world from LA. But either way, living in cities really cuts us off from our truest nature, so I’ve been making more of an effort to get out to the beach for the sunset, or get up to Ojai and Topanga. I really like soaking in the Ojai hot springs or falling asleep under the stars. Nature has such a clearing effect on the mind. When the mind is clear we no longer think from the ego, and we begin to think as a collective consciousness rather than an isolated unit. This is when we begin to feel safer and more powerful.

7 | Tantra — I’ve recently learned that tantra is a way to increase the amount of creativity, expression, excitement and abundance that people experience in life by unblocking the root chakra. When people are blocked at the root they can not truly expand into their power, which is why sex and money were turned into sin by the powers that created religion, sought to control the population. By shaming money and sex they closed people at the root — which is like cutting their energy off at the source. Thus, people would become disconnected from their own higher self — their internal navigation — and would subsequently become confused. They were easier to control, seeking answers outside of themselves and doing whatever they were told by authority or religion thinking this was the right thing to do. I never thought about tantra much, but an oracle studied my human design (which is like astrology but more scientific) and told me that I am naturally tantric. I find there is a lot of misuse of the practice of tantra though, and people often just use it for sex. But when practiced appropriately, and in a sacred manner, it will open the root so that energy can move through all the centers and up through the crown. It’s quite interesting.  

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