I’m a woman. I’m Jewish. I’m from New York City. I’m an Astrologer.

Ok… so? What does that really tell you?

Sure, they’re the facts; but they’re not the whole story.

And yet, how often do we reduce ourselves and others to surface labels? How often do we make assumptions based on these stamps? And how often do we limit our own narratives, clinging to outdated tribal associations?

Identity is important. It anchors us, providing us with a sense of place in the world. But it can also separate us, creating false divisions where common humanity is called for.

What I mean to say is we are so much more than what defines us.

As an astrologer, I see this rush to judge constantly. Oh, she’s a Gemini so that means this or that. Or he is a Virgo and Virgos are fill-in-the-blank. But our charts– like our psyches– are so much more layered than this. We are never ever one thing. Anything that reduces us to such is nothing but false comfort.

The truth is that every person holds the pieces to every zodiac sign. We all have every sign within us; it’s just a matter of degrees.

As human beings, many of us crave order and structure. It’s the security-based part of our brains. If we understand something– if we can master the rules of engagement– then we can proceed. Leaning into the unknown can be terrifying because we think, and we know, that there are no guarantees.

But if we’re willing to trust our instincts and our intuition, and if we’re willing to release ourselves from the bondage of characterization and open up to the depths of our psyche, we might just find ourselves.

And what we find might surprise.

I’ve always been drawn to people from different backgrounds. What I discover, always, is something that transcends the familiar and trite. And while I may have my customs and habits and they theirs, we have far more that unites than separates.

Because connection– true connection– occurs at the heart and soul level, with ourselves and with others. Everything else is just noise.

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