Hack Your Way To Enlightenment with Meditation Cards

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Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken says that it’s not only possible to wake-up to who and what we are, but that this realization is available for everyone to recognize if there is a sincere desire to know the truth.

After spending close to a decade in India, studying everything from intense meditation (three months of silence, anyone?) to energy medicine and psychotherapy, Jasmine finally sat herself down and inquired into a very fundamental premise that most overlook. The question she pondered was: Is there a self apart from thought, and can it be separated from life itself?

The outcome of this inquiry ultimately fleshed-out in the form of 52 beautiful contemplation cards which explore and question all the aspects by which the ego identifies to a body and mind. They reveal that everything we’ve supposed ourselves to be, may in fact, not be so.

“We’ve all bought into an assumption,” Jasmine shares, “an assumption that there is an ‘I-self’ at the center of our life that is running the show and to whom experience is happening. As seekers of truth, we may spend a lifetime looking for enlightenment, yet never inquire into this fundamental belief. But can you point to you? Can you categorically find a self outside of thought? It’s time to find out.”

We believe we are the body, thoughts and our actions… but, where is the controller? Is there one?

With each card and question, Jasmine guides us to look into the supposition that “I” is a real entity separate from life. Her invitation is for us to suspend all notions and beliefs during the time of the inquiries and to look directly for evidence of this supposed “I-self.” She is very adamant about not giving answers, but rather prefers to ask the exact questions that allow each of us to realize this core misidentification directly. Inquiry is her superpower.

Jasmine says, “Through these questions we get the opportunity to realize the truth directly for ourselves rather than second-hand or through intellectual understanding only, and to experience the truth of what is beyond subjectivity.”

The cards are designed as meditations for hard-core believers. Simply take these questions with you, wherever you are, and integrate them into your life. “This is not a theory,” states Jasmine. “But an opportunity to wake-up from the dream of separation.”

Happy realizing!

Through her design and inquiry products, Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken looks to create spaces of stillness that connect us to the essential beauty and nature of who we are. Jasmine is also a student and lover of the alchemical properties of botanicals and has co-founded Hairprint, a company that makes clean, nutritive beauty products. For more information on the inquiry cards, you can reach her on her site, noself.co.

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