Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Chef Vikki Krinsky’s family immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, when she was 5 years old. At the young age of 15, Vikki began her career path as an actor on Edgemont, the hit Canadian television series. Following the show, Vikki landed a series regular role on Lifetime’s Wild Card.

Vikki’s life in front of the camera came along with the unwelcome expectation that she would maintain a certain weight and body image. The pressure to be thin gave her a new appreciation and understanding of food. Soon, Vikki’s interest in cooking and nutrition eclipsed her love of acting, and she set off to explore a career as a chef.  

Chef Vikki’s culinary education began when she took a trip abroad, and serendipitously met a chef on a train. That chance encounter on her second day in Paris led to incredible connections, and soon after she was able to apprentice in kitchens across Europe. With her unique background and wealth of knowledge she returned to the States and started working as a personal chef for Hollywood’s A-list actors and personalities.

By understanding and relating to the pressures her clients face being in the public eye, Chef Vikki is able to cultivate trust and create balanced meals for each of her clients by making food as delicious as it is nutritious. For Chef Vikki, eating well is not about being on a restrictive diet, it is central to creating a fully balanced lifestyle.  

Chef Vikki can currently be seen on the Emmy-nominated show, Recipe Rehab, airing weekends on CBS and streaming on Hulu. The show involves Chef Vikki competing against another chef to give family favorite high-calorie recipes a low-calorie twist. After making each rehabbed recipe, the family chooses their new favorite. The show promotes using healthy, wholesome ingredients and demonstrates how a few modern changes can transform a family favorite into an even healthier meal. While Chef Vikki is now back in front of the camera, this time she is doing what she loves most: motivating and teaching people how to cook and eat well so they can feel their best every single day.  

We caught up with Chef Vikki to ask her what it is that gets her through her busy days. This is what she said:

1 | My Perspective and Self-Awareness– They both have evolved like crazy over the last two years. I think life’s “challenges” and just simply, “growing up” has allowed me to look inward and gain a sense of accountability that wasn’t as forthcoming in my early twenties..

2 | Positive Thoughts– They are EVERYTHING TO ME! I wake up with them and am constantly giving encouragement to myself and to those around me. Positive thoughts are a very powerful way to elevate one’s life.

3 | My Goals– My personal and professional goals are driven more now than ever before. While I have always had the desire to succeed, I feel as though honing in on what I want, has helped give me incredible direction. Know what you want, focus in on those goals and you will get there!

4 | Career Creativity– This is something I have branched out on over the last year. As a celebrity private chef, I have been exclusive with one client for six years. I needed to create different outlets that helped me grow as a chef, as a woman and as a platform for others to come to for inspiration and education.

5 | Girlfriends– What would we do without them!? I cherish my friendships and those I keep close around me. Good people, good energy and good hearts can help us stay on track and can help us when we might not have the strength or perspective needed in certain times.

6 | Fitness– I’m constantly shaking up my workouts and fitness regime. Always challenging myself in this department keeps my brain sharp and my body in shape! I love to learn about fitness and I love to push myself. After a good morning workout, I am ready for anything the day brings my way!

7 | Meeting New People– I love being receptive to crossing paths with new people. I think there is something beautiful about random encounters and gaining things from others. I always see the positive in someone new coming into my life. We can learn so much from people and from their life experiences.

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