Natalia Pascual is the artist and designer behind the sacred adornment jewelry brand Nala Malas. With a background in fashion, jewelry-making and yoga, it was only natural for Natalia to create handcrafted malas that represent spirituality, fashion, arts and beauty. Her designs are authentic and unique, made for those who are spiritually connected and in touch with their creative expression and style. She is also a practitioner of kundalini yoga, loves to dance and can always be found cuddling with her dog Lua.

We caught up with Natalia to ask her to share with us the seven things she’s most into at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | Beauty Dust by Moon Juice I take a serving or two everyday. Since adding it to my daily routine (in my coffee mostly) my skin has improved drastically. My acne scars have gotten lighter and I am no longer getting breakouts.

2 | Nala Malas If you see me on a daily basis you know I’m always wearing my jewelry. My designs are an extension of my personal style and experiences, so everyday I choose a piece that reflects that. My current favorite is the Protection Mala which is made with natural turquoise; the ultimate protection talisman.

3 | Jiva ApohaThese oils are my favorite. The creator, Angela, is such a soulful person and you can feel that in each bottle. And the smell of the oils are out of this world!

4 | Simon Miller Bonsai Bag I got it last year and haven’t put it down since. It’s the perfect shape and I’ll probably wear it until the end of time.

5 | Moves Dance Class This underground dance class is held every two weeks and is taught by Lauren Gerrie (Marc Jacobs’ personal chef and founder of bigLITTLE NYC) and Marisa Competello (of Meta Flora fame). I don’t get to go every time but the girls bring such a great and sexy vibe. We dance to everything from Beyonce to Britney. It’s definitely outside of my comfort zone, but I love it.

6 | Ulla Johnson’s Natalia Dress I’m pretty sure it was perfectly named after me. Haha, not really… but it really does have my name all over it. I love anything embroidery and clothes that make me feel happy, so this dress does it for me. As a matter of fact anything Ulla Johnson does. I have collected some amazing pieces from her over the years.

7 | Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern The exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum is such an inspiration. Georgia was a strong woman who was never afraid to be who she was and that is expressed in her art. This exhibition shows more about her, everything from her clothing to the way that she lived, to her feminist stand in society.

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