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Lindsay DeLong
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When you think of Alec Baldwin you may think of Jack Donaghy, his dashing debonair character from Tina Fey’s, 30 Rock. You may think of his roles in The Departed, Beetlejuice or The Hunt for Red October. Perhaps you know him from SNL, where he regularly portrays a hilariously farcical President Trump, and where he’s hosted a record-breaking 17 shows since his first time in 1990.

Alec Baldwin is thee movie star of all movie stars, as well as thee TV star of all TV stars… and while we’re at it, thee Broadway star of all Broadway stars.

The man does not stop. He’s like a real-life version of Dos Equis’ Most-Interesting-Man-in-the-World.

He’s served as husband (and now ex-husband) to Kim Basinger and is part of a handful of famous Baldwin brothers whose offspring all seem to be destined to end up as models (Ireland, Hailey, etc.). He’s a father of four, a graduate of NYU, and a New York Times best-selling author.

Not only was he an Oscar nominee, but he actually hosted the Oscars.

He’s a philanthropist, an advocate for change, and a bona fide celebrity that has been very vocal about his political beliefs. He’s campaigned for politicians Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy, and has gotten in his fair share of Twitter battles with an enraged Trump. He’s the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine and yes, he is the Boss Baby.

Alec Baldwin’s friends are some of the world’s best directors, actors, designers and writers in the world. He is a household name… and one that oftentimes is accompanied with a smile.

All of these accomplishments, but still, the thing that sticks out above all, is that suave, baritone, polished voice of his. So, it only made sense that he start a podcast.

In 2011, Mr. Baldwin quietly debuted Here’s The Thing, a series where he interviews creators, politicians and even critics. He puts out new episodes twice, sometimes thrice a month. Unlike other hosts that want to dissect the latest current events from every possible angle, Alec wants to focus on the incredible lives his guests have lived. He wants to know where they came from— learn their stories, talk to them about what inspires their work, what decisions changed their careers, and what relationships have most influenced them.

At the beginning of each show he states his goal is to “follow great conversations to unexpected places.” And that’s exactly what he does. Whether he’s getting Sarah Jessica Parker to dish about the excitement her and her cast-mates felt upon receiving the first high-fashion item they were to wear on Sex and the City (it was a Fendi bag… and it wasn’t until Season 2) or whether he’s talking to physicist, Gregory Jaczko about nuclear safety codes, he’s always this calm, confident voice asking smart questions in his signature, matter-of-fact tone.

And what’s so endearing is, he’s often far more famous than his guests. Yet, he’s not arrogant in any way— he’s only genuinely interested in what they have to say. He simply, like his audience, finds that person intriguing and wants to learn more about them. It’s refreshing, enlightening and extremely entertaining.

He swaps Anna Wintour stories with Vogue’s fashion editor, Grace Coddington, and then SNL stories with Kristen Wiig. Ian Schrager, the co-founder of Studio 54, relives his party (and prison) days and Jerry Seinfeld shares how he really feels about his fans. No matter the guest, there’s no hierarchy in Alec’s podcasts and there are no topics too gritty. He’ll talk politics. He’ll talk religion. He’ll say his true feelings… and expects his guests to as well.

Here’s the Thing is like eavesdropping in on an Alec Baldwin dinner date. One which, you can be certain, will be thee best dinner date of your life.

Thee dinner date of all dinner dates, if you will. 

Lindsay DeLong is the Managing Editor of The Fullest. It was Jack Donaghy that first captured her heart… then the Trump impression. Find her at or on social media via @lindizzaster.

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