Good Vibes Only: Can Smart Stickers Banish Negative Energy from the Body?

05.09.2017 Arts & Culture
Rachel Marlowe
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Blame it on a bad work/life balance, social media anxiety disorder, or Mercury in retrograde but do you ever get the feeling that your whole body is out of balance and that no amount of yoga or cold pressed juice can shift those negative vibes? “There’s only so much work you can do on the outside, then you really have to focus on your energy,” says Leslie Kritzer co-founder of Body Vibes, a space-age line of on-the-go frequency patches that promise to alleviate everything from anxiety and stress induced acne, to insomnia and PMS. “You have to heal from the inside out,” explains partner Madison De Clercq as she reveals an armful of cool-looking metallic stickers emblazoned with mermaids, unicorns and praying hands emojis. “Feel pretty on the inside and you’ll radiate on the outside.”

The idea for a portable energy healing modality came about after Kritzer and De Clercq, who own the cultish holistic Skin Worship spa in Beverly Hills, began seeing a rise in the anxiety and stress levels of their roster of jet-set clients. “Girls were coming in for facials but they were just buzzing with negative energy on the treatment beds,” says Kritzer. “We knew we had to do something more than topical healing.”

Based on the theory that our bodies operate at an optimal internal frequency of around 62-72Hz, and that when that frequency slips your immune system is compromised, Kritzer and De Clercq found a biotech company that had developed a programming procedure called Bio Energy Synthesis Technology (BEST). Using a carbon-based material that was originally developed for NASA, they created adhesive patches that could be programmed with specific high density frequency charges to address targeted concerns such as lack of energy, poor sleep patterns or muscle pain. “It’s like wearing mobile software,” Kritzer explains. “The bio-frequencies programmed into Body Vibes stimulate the vibration within our bodies to the perfect frequency.”  

Back at Skin Worship the pair canvassed their clients– including wellness guru Elissa Goodman– to see which imbalances they specifically wanted to target. “Anxiety was the number one,” says Kritzer. “Skin was number two.” The final piece of the puzzle was the design. “The technology is everything,” Kritzer says, “But the ritual and empowerment of a visual is also a big component.” Hence the eye-catching graphics including a third eye to symbolize mental focus, a crescent to encourage melatonin production, and a hamsa to ward off anxiety. (The highly Instagrammable nature of the stickers has also meant high visibility on social media, thereby literally spreading positive energy and good vibes.)

Designed to be worn on the left side of the body (research has shown that energy enters the body on the left and exits on the right) either above the heart or on upper left arm, shoulder, or back for 72 hours at a time, the stickers can also be combined for maximum effect. “We totally recommend cocktailing,” says De Clercq who recommends pairing Self Love and Anti-Anxiety, Hangover and Chill, or Mental Focus and Power Workout. “Body Vibes is really about setting a personal intention to heal within and to be more balanced,” Kritzer adds as her next appointment arrives for a tarot card reading session. Praying hands emoji to that.

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