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05.30.2017 Farm to Table
Dave Erickson
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Flowerboy Project is part cafe, part florist and part boutique studio in Venice. Walking in, it feels like you stepped into a child’s mind– the dreamy, playful aesthetic is absolutely endearing. Nostalgia lines the walls, and flowers are everywhere. The menu is written in fridge magnets, with extra letters on the side so patrons can write their own messages. On my last visit, there was a particular message that stuck out to me that read “EVERYTHING IS OKAY.” If I were to write something, I would write “THANK YOU” because there is just something so nurturing about being reminded how important play is.

The Flowerboy himself shared with us some of his favorite floral recipes using lavender. Try his signature lavender latte (which he calls Lavender Boy), as well as his popular lavender honey and lavender peanut butter creations. He wants you to have some fun with these recipes, so get into the kitchen and start playing… and then go pick a couple flowers, because everything is okay.


2 cups Organic Spanish Peanuts

1 teaspoon Organic Dried Lavender

1 teaspoon Kosher Salt

1 tablespoon Wildflower Honey

½ cup Grapeseed Oil


*He likes to pair his peanut butter with Danish Rye bread topped with bee pollen and wildflower honey.


1 | Fill a large baking sheet with Spanish peanuts.

2 | Roast at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, or until the peanuts look golden brown.

3 | Blend in ingredients with a blender in small increments, until desired crunchiness is achieved.



1 | Mix 12 grams of dried organic lavender with 350 grams of hot (almost steaming) water.

2 | Steep for 3 minutes.

3 | Add 125 grams of lavender hot water to 110 grams of honey, and mix together.



1 | Add 2 teaspoons of lavender honey to cup.

2 | Add in a shot of espresso.

3 | Add in steamed milk.

4 | Garnish with dried organic lavender.

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