Erica Dunn is a Reiki Master and certified Holistic Health Counselor, working with people who are looking to improve and restore their vital health through spirituality. Guided by the present moment, Erica facilitates reiki sessions all over New York City and her work has been featured on MindBodyGreen, among others. Erica currently serves as an intuitive marketing and brand strategist and the founder of The Wellness Mercantile, a print and digital monthly magazine that celebrates women in the wellness industry and the movement towards collective consciousness.

We recently caught up with Erica to ask her to share with us the seven things most elevating her life at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | Ajai Alchemy I am absolutely in love with Grace Alchemy. It is such a grounding plant therapeutic blend that I use throughout the day. It’s handmade in LA by my amazing friend Fern Olivia who infuses with crystals, sage, palo santo and blesses with the Ajai Alai mantra for prosperity.

2 | JLEW Cruelty-Free Yoga Bag This made in New York roll-top yoga bag is the most beautiful bag to get you through a busy day– no matter where you’re going. I’m usually running around between reiki sessions and client meetings, so mine is full of crystals and sage from Maha Rose, a good book for the subway (right now I’m reading Emotional GRIT), a snack from Moon Juice and an extra change of yoga clothes from Outdoor Voices since I’m probably coming from Sweat Yoga.

3 | SAMAYA Meditation Cushions This beautiful cushion has brought my meditation practice to the next level and it’s made in Brooklyn!

4 | Plants– I’ve been filling up my apartment with plants lately. I have to admit I’ve been going a bit overboard and my husband says our kitchen looks like a jungle… but I don’t care! Plants are totally elevating my life right now.

5 | Candles– I always have candles burning in every room of my apartment and am especially in love with Paddywax’s Concrete Salt + Sage large candle.

6 | Adventures– Going on adventures with my husband and dog always make me my happiest. As much as possible, we pile in the car and do weekend trips either upstate to the Catskills or Cape Cod. We like to hike, explore, be outdoors and find great food along the way. We recently spent the weekend with friends, Sara Elbert and Sohail Zandi at their restaurant Brushland Eating House in Bovina, NY and can’t wait to go back!

7 | The Wellness Mercantile I created and launched this monthly mag because it totally fills me up and gets my creative juices flowing. I LOVE getting to work with such inspiring female entrepreneurs in the wellness space.

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