Sisterhood at Paula Mallis’ WMN SPACE

04.18.2017 Arts & Culture
Lindsay DeLong
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Although Paula Mallis didn’t grow up with sisters, she’s been surrounded by strong women her entire life. She counts her mother, aunts and girlfriends amongst her nearest and dearest and has created a career out of the bonds she shares with women.

Paula is a doula, yoga teacher, spiritual counselor and the creator of the newly minted WMN SPACE. The latter is a venue which opened this past January in Culver City that hosts a variety of classes, events and workshops specifically curated for women to interact and share with one another. These gatherings are held daily and include classes such as Prenatal Love, Women’s Transformation Cycle, and the ever popular Full and New Moon Circles.

While pregnant, Paula found herself especially craving the comradeship of women. She enjoyed learning from and being inspired by them, and realized there was a need for this type of woman-supporting-woman fellowship. While she had plenty of loved ones to lean on, she knew there were plenty of women out there who didn’t have a strong circle surrounding them to share in connection, support and healing.

So she created one.

“My intention for WMN SPACE is to hold a space for women so that we can all experience ourselves as the truth of who we are… which is love,” she explains. “That we may reside in community, supporting one another as we have the opportunity to rise up into and experience living at our highest potential.”

Depending on the event, sometimes 5 women will attend, and sometimes up to 30. At the Full Moon Circles women sit on pillows on the ground in a circle and Paula serves as facilitator choosing a topic and guiding her fellow ladies through different exercises directed at the topic. Women are encouraged to take action beyond their comfort zones, but are not pushed to do so. They can share or stay quiet. It is a place of no judgements or limiting beliefs. The vibe Paula has created is loving, calm and accepting.

“The first time I lead a circle I was hooked on the magic that is ever present when we gather as women,” says Paula. “The circles have continued to unfold and evolve since the first gathering.”

Watching women experience “break-throughs” is what inspires Paula on her own path. She says cultivating relationships with other women are opportunities to learn more about one’s own self.

Her hope for the future of WMN SPACE is to continue to learn and to guide women on their journey to truly know themselves. And, because of her, we can face the joys of being a woman together… whether we have sisters or not.

Lindsay DeLong is the Managing Editor of The Fullest. She’s now actively looking forward to each New Moon. Find her at or on social media via @lindizzaster.

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