Have money problems? Kate Northrup is here to help. The financial guru and author of Money: A Love Story teaches her clients valuable lessons in money managing. She teaches how to get debt free, how to make money building a business that you love, and how to utilize your paycheck so that you have cash left over at the end of the month… every month.

A talented writer and speaker (she even hosts a podcast!) Kate is a woman who knows that money isn’t the key to happiness, but having your finances sorted can lead to more choices and an ultimately more fulfilling life. We caught up with her to ask what the seven things are making her life better at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | Aveda Comforting TeaWhen it’s cold in Maine I like to snuggle up with a cup of tea. One of my favorites is Aveda Comforting Tea. It’s the perfect blend of botanical and sweet and it’s very soothing to the throat.

2 | HGTV’s Fixer UpperMy husband, Mike and I aspire to be the Chip and Joanna Gaines of personal growth. When a new episode of this awesome home makeover show is on I am a very happy woman.

3 | Fruit– I love having a big bowl of fresh produce on my kitchen counter. It makes me feel healthy and abundant all at once, plus it’s beautiful to look at. Usually there are lemons in there, apples, a couple of avocados, some tangerines or oranges and bananas. A side plus is that my toddler is obsessed with fruit so it keeps her happy too!

4 | Black Iced Tea– It’s my go-to mid-day pick me up. It’s an added plus if it has some kind of yummy added infusion like pomegranate, raspberry or hibiscus.

5 | Dark Chocolate– I have almost never tasted a dark chocolate that I didn’t like. My favorite is dark chocolate with sea salt and I always have a bar of Chocolove 70% cocoa or more in the house.

6 | Hanky PankyThis underwear is my mainstay. I’ve been wearing it for years and love that I could wear it through my entire pregnancy and not need to get maternity underwear. Yay for one-size-fits-all! I love the variety of colors, that it sits flat under my clothes and that it looks pretty and lacey.

7 | Pound JewelryI wear my Pound Jewelry Pendulum nearly every day. It goes with everything, makes me feel powerful, and helps me make decisions when I’m feeling lost. I get more compliments on this necklace than any other I’ve ever had!

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