Karolina Palmer, the genius responsible for bringing Freaky Health Chocolate to our mouths, is a woman after our own hearts. She’s a goddess-like human, lovely and kind, and a fierce creator to boot. Her chocolate is one of the only (if not thee only) sugar-free chocolates on the market that is not sweetened with any weird shit. The only sweetener here folks, is raw mulberries– we’re serious, that’s it. Freaky Health Chocolates are made purely of whole foods and taste fucking incredible. Someone give this woman a Nobel Peace Prize!

After coveting her confections every time we ventured to NYC, The Fullest finally met up with her on our most recent trip. We giggled, ate chocolate (of course) and asked her what it is that makes her tick. This is what our favorite alchemist said:

1 | Doom Metal Yoga My friend Kali lives in Portland and teaches a Doom Metal Yoga class. How rad is that? I love when the unconventional meets the mainstream and challenges you. If you are in Portland, check out her classes. Try something you’re uncomfortable with. Also, can someone please teach a Goth Yoga class next?

2 | The Wing I’m a member at the all women’s work space in NYC. It’s pink, bright and makes me feel like I’m safe in a womb. Being a female entrepreneur is more exciting than ever and I feel endlessly inspired by the amazing women I get to share this physical and metaphorical space with.

3 | Heart of Gold Skin Care I just discovered this gorgeous line of hand blended holistic skin care offerings. I am currently trying the Yo La Tengo toner and it has completely changed my skin unlike anything I have tried in a long time. Also, the Rhythm Restore brow and lash serum is magic.

4 | Pilot Kombucha I think these are only available in NYC so sorry if you’re not local. However, if you do find yourself in the Big Apple, please get yourself this magic elixir immediately. It is, for sure, the best booch I have ever had. The flavors are fresh, herbal and juicy without being overwhelming. My current favorite is Lavender Peach, which I like to have at home when I feel like having kombucha in the evening but don’t want to get jacked on black/green tea. It’s lovely.

5 | Just the Essentials My friend Adina Grigore just released this fantastic book. You may know Adina as the founder of the skincare line, S.W. Basics. She’s the real deal, and this book is a great resource if you want to dive into the (very confusing/slightly cultish) world of essential oils. It covers the essentials, as advertised, plus so many easy recipes for things you will actually use. Also, check out her other book, Skin Cleanse. It will not only change your skin, but your life as well.

6 | Siete Chips Grain free, dairy free, with no bad anything and absolutely addicting. Get the “Nacho” and all your junk food fantasies will come true. You’re welcome.

7 | East Forest The artist’s website describes East Forest’s music as a sound that “blends achingly emotional wordlessness, ambience and contemporary classical touches with a influence of pop sensibilities and electronic flavors.” I can’t describe it better. It’s atmospheric– sometimes big, sometimes small. It’s perfect to listen to while I’m making chocolate or answering emails.

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