Dr. Julie Von is a Manhattan-based holistic doctor specializing in fertility. Julie became one of the youngest people in the US to study Chinese medicine, receiving a Clinical Doctorate specializing in Women’s Health and Infertility. Julie’s clinical work in New York City has spanned over a decade and has aligned her with some of the most advanced and well-known names in the field of fertility medicine. 

What sets Julie apart is the way in which she performs her work. She has been called evocative, eloquent, mystical and practical. Her hope is to help connect her clients to the spirits of their unborn children as she helps guide them to earth through healthy pregnancies.

We are honored to have Dr. Julie Von as one of our influencers, as well as a frequent contributor. We caught up with her to ask her to share the seven things she is loving the most at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | High quality non-GMO Vitamin C spray– Garden of Life has a great one.

2 | Erika Bloom Pilates Located in both NYC and LA, they are the best teachers who practice a blend of therapeutic pilates and hyper toning intense workouts.

3 | Visionary Cards by Noa Knafo  It’s like a tarot deck but more inspirational. I look at a few a day to help keep me centered. I’m even developing my own oracle deck to be realized this spring.

4 | Cardio– I’ve returned to the elliptical and love it because it helps work out stress hormones and is really efficient. I’ve been using this new app called Aaptiv that has narrated classes for almost every exercise with music. It’s super motivating.

5 | Thinking and expanding my mind– I’ve been taking classes on psychology on Analytica. I belong to an online study group and we talk about really creative and theoretical topics. It’s like my own personal think tank.

6 | Low-sugar eating–  I always take sugar out of my diet the beginning of December so I’m not tempted around the holidays to indulge. It saves me having to get fit again in January and makes me feel better overall.

7 | Seed cycling– I teach this to clients on my blog to help balance hormones. It’s a super easy technique of using fresh ground flax, sunflower and sesame seeds at different times of your cycle to help balance estrogen and progesterone. When I do it everything runs better and my PMS is non existent.

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