Moon Juice’s Amanda Chantal Bacon

03.21.2017 Arts & Culture
The Fullest
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Amanda Chantal Bacon had a set plan for her life. She thought it would be tight and polished and completely different than how it actually turned out. She had to learn to give up and give herself to the world “like chum in the water.” She’s since let go of her expectations and control systems, and has created, from the bottom up, an empire we all know and love, called Moon Juice.

In this video with The Fullest, Amanda gets raw. She talks openly about how her old life was torn apart. Nothing is as she expected; from partnership to being a parent to owning a business to who her friends are. It’s not until she learned to free herself that she ultimately found herself, albeit alone with a baby and a brand new business.

Now, six years later, the girl boss is enjoying the life she’s created. She’s confident, sophisticated and happy. She’s made life work for her, and through all the goodies at Moon Juice, we’re all reaping the benefits.

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