Sometimes I feel like I’ve got the universe on speed-dial. But other times I’ll fall into a panicked rut, and the universe is all “New phone, who dis?” It’s times like these when I start to feel like I just need someone to tell me what to do.

Remington Donovan closes his eyes, puts his hands in prayer and silently repeats an invocation to open himself up to the reading he is about to give me. My dear friend sits almost a day and a world away. For me it’s 5pm in Florence, and he is just getting up and making tea at 7am in Los Angeles. His FaceTime smile lights up my screen and I feel as though we are sitting next to each other. I first met Remi several years ago in Los Angeles in a Kundalini class in West Hollywood. We immediately bonded over our twin scorpio birthdays and our love/hate relationship with the stereotypical spiritual community we were both heavily a part of.

Remington knows me well. Despite his enjoyment in needling me in my weak spots to get a rise out of me, he takes his work and the responsibilities very seriously. Like when he laughingly tells me I’m a huge failure at relationships, but then admits that when I’m sweet and loving I draw people (and men) towards me– I just need to remember to be sweet and loving all the time. “Or maybe you just need to have mind blowing, intense, tantric sex with someone. I’ll give your number out to some people,” he says with his mischievous smirk. Thanks Remi!

The thing that makes him most unique– aside from his mastery of modalities like tarot and numerology– is that he isn’t afraid to say no to giving a reading. He is keenly aware when someone is obsessing and tripping out. “Sometimes people are just looking for the answer that they want,” he says. “People come in knowing what they want the answer to be, and they’ll keep asking in hopes they’ll eventually hear it.” He says he can tell when someone is absorbing the information he’s given them and wanting to apply it, as well as when people stop listening because they aren’t hearing what they want to hear.

“Everyone wants to know what’s going to happen to them, and that’s total bullshit,” he says. “It’s not about what will happen to you, it’s about what you can do to align yourself more with your destiny, with your true purpose, and with your soul.”

We need to remember that nothing is set in stone. “The whole point of a reading is to bring about changes that you’re working on– which will then lead you to what you want,” explains Remington. It isn’t about if the situation is right or wrong, it’s about knowing how to make the most out of whatever situation you find yourself in. The problem, he says, is a lot of people just don’t want to do that work.

There is always a way out of a negative, and there is always a way to make a situation better. A good reader will be able to guide you to that from a place of neutrality.

People who go to a reading fishing for a specific answer are never going to be satisfied. Instead, go in seeking the next steps you can take to get where it is you want to go. A good reader will give information that will help you get to know yourself better. And once you apply this new insight, is when the relationship/love/career/home will come, because that’s when you’ll be in alignment with your highest, truest self.

And in case you are curious about my reading, it was a powerful reminder of previous readings. Everything I am searching for is already inside of me: love, a home, fulfillment. If I remember to stay connected and positive with my words through consistent writing and spiritual practice, then I won’t fall back into that old rut. So I guess that means I have to bring a little more of my life in LA to my life in Italy. Anyone know where I can trade in some cheese and get a good green juice in Santo Spirito?

Remington Donovan is a numerologist, Qabalistic tarot reader, seer and kundalini yoga teacher living in Los Angeles California. He uses these techniques and talents to empower, inspire, and guide individuals in private readings and group sessions.

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