Jordan Bach on Anti-Perfectionism

03.07.2017 Arts & Culture
The Fullest
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What Jordan Bach says, we do.

Here at The Fullest, we’ve been huge fans of his for a while now, even featuring him as one of our Influencers last year. We recently met back up with the spiritual teacher to chat further about issues close to Jordan’s heart.

He believes we should all stop being so hard on ourselves, and says we must practice self-forgiveness everyday… even if we drank too much the night before or ate an obscene amount of pizza. (Guilty.) Jordan says self-forgiveness is one of the most powerful things we can do for our minds and our bodies. We have to stop striving to be so perfect, and simply accept ourselves as we are— learning to truly love us, for us.

We should learn how to be helpful to others and should live a life of sacrifice. Once we figure out how to do this is when the Universe will support us. And that is when we can finally make our greater impact.

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