Trump, don’t flag us for saying this, but chocolate pudding is the bomb. We found a gem of a spot in New York called INDAY, that has made chocolate pudding great again… with avocados. We know we know, it’s unbelievable (just like Trump’s presidency) but we gave it a shot and we’re sure glad we did… which is something we can’t quite say about Prez Trump.


⅓ cup Unsweetened Chocolate Chips

3 tablespoons Raw Honey

2½ cups Avocado, ripe

2 tablespoons Cacao Powder

¼ cup Coconut Milk

1½ teaspoon Vanilla Extract

¼ teaspoon Kosher Salt


1 | Melt chocolate chips and honey over a double boiler, stirring gently.

2 | Split skin and remove the seeds from the avocados.

3 | Blend the avocados, cocoa powder, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and kosher salt together in a food processor until smooth.

4 | Fold the melted chocolate and honey into the avocado mix until evenly incorporated.

5 | Pour into small bowls or ramekins and put in the refrigerator to cool.

6 | Garnish with baked seeds, fresh berries, and a mint leaf.

*Makes 5 servings.

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