Hetty Douglas has seen a lot of publicity lately. The London-based painter’s works are garnishing her praise from everyone from Vogue to Dazed. In 2016 alone she showcased her work in five shows, the latest reing, Screw.

She is a no holds barred type of girl and isn’t afraid to say (or paint) what she feels. Often in her art, she paints in-your-face, honest phrases she finds on the internet: “WALK INTO THE CLUB LIKE HEY WHAT’S UP I’VE GOT SOCIAL ANXIETY AND I WANT TO GO HOME” and “YOU’RE PENG BUT YOUR ENGLISH IS SHIT.” Her fan base relates and the young (we’re talking early 20’s) artist is wise beyond her years.

The Fullest caught up with Hetty to ask her to share with us what she’s into at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | Anything 60’s Danish– I love ‘low’ furniture, and I’m obsessed with the idea of eventually building my own home, so naturally I’m starting to think (dream) about how this would look. It’s quite depressing because I want to start collecting everything NOW, but given I live in a rented house with five other people and limited space in London it’s not happening anytime soon.

2 | Margate, Kent– The best seaside town everrrrr. It’s still a little brexit white trash, but it will get there eventually. It’s such a beautiful shit hole.

3 | Arlington House, Margate A 1964 brutalist block of flats, and such an incredible building designed by Russell Diplock.

4 | Pink Angels by Willem de Kooning One of my favourite paintings– probably the first I ever saw that made me feel so overwhelmed with inspiration. The colours used shouldn’t work but they just do.

5 | Midnight Hour by Goodbye Grace– It’s the most beautiful song I’ve heard in a very long time.

6 | Arshile Gorky Everything about him and his life. He’s the most incredible painter. His life/process/paintings/attitude motivate me every single day.

7 | My mum– Because she’s the most incredible person in the world and makes me want to be the best person I can possibly ever be.

*Photo by: Hayley Brown.

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