Bringing conversations of consciousness to the forefront and supporting others through their wellness journey is Elizabeth Kott’s passion. Prior to being host and producer of everyone’s favorite podcast, That’s So Retrograde, she was an established leader in the digital fashion space, having started her career working for Rachel Zoe and founding her own online fashion consignment website, Closet Rich.

Recognized by Elle Magazine, Refinery 29, and Entrepreneur Magazine for her work, this bonafide ‘everything-er’ names host, producer, writer, mentor, stylist and creative director as some of her most worn hats.

The Fullest caught up with Elizabeth in Venice to ask her to share with us her seven favorite things at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | Moon Juice Sex Dust I make a tonic with it every morning, consisting of almond milk, cinnamon and a little of Bulletproof’s Brain Octane.

2 | Improv Classes at IO West in Hollywood– They help me really tap into my flow state and get rid of any public speaking nerves. I’m feeling the beneficial effects of this in every aspect of my life– I feel more free and less in my own head.

3 | K-Beauty I really have fun exploring this magical world. My current faves are Be the Skin Botanical Toner and S-Energy Mousse Cleanser by Shangpree.

4 | Pine & Crane in Silver Lake– Their whole menu is amazing and really affordable. I love the Shrimp Dumplings, Beef Roll, Sautéed Cabbage (from their own farm) and Wood Ear Mushrooms.

5 | GROOV3 Dance Classes with Ben Allen at The Sweat Spot The most fun workout, complete with a live DeeJay!

6 | Dr. Laura on SiriusXM It’s a weird obsession I know, but I listen everyday.

7 | Shape House Infrared Sweat– My fave health indulgence during LA’s “colder” months.

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