Kosås founder, mother, cosmetic connoisseur and Cali native, Sheena Yaitanes fell in love with color cosmetics at a very young age. Her mother worked with classic beauty brands, Clarins and Clinique, and the products she brought home laid the foundation for Sheena’s fascination with the art, as well as the science of beauty.

Her curiosity to understand what made good products really work led her to pursue a major in the natural sciences. She studied painting to understand how to mix shades that flatter skin, and eventually, her interest in beauty led her to Paris. There she came to appreciate the elegance and simplicity of a well-layered face to enhance a woman’s natural beauty.

Now, the LA based beauty line focuses on pigments that compliment all skin tones, making products for the thoughtful and refined woman.

The Fullest was honored to catch up with Sheena to ask her what the seven things are that are making her life better at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | Dry Brushing in the morning.

2 | Purple hair for fall/winter.

3 | Anthony Williams’s book, Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods.

4 | These Crocs.

5 | Bewitched (It’s visually beautiful and stars humanitarian and liberal activist Elizabeth Montgomery).

6 | This t-shirt and skirt combo from Zadig & Voltaire.

7 | The newly planted trailing lantana, rosemary, and lavender in my front yard that are attracting butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

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