Collective Consciousness with Marianne Williamson

02.28.2017 Arts & Culture
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To say we are inspired by Marianne Williamson is an understatement. We have been following the spiritual teacher for years and even campaigned for her when she bid to run for Congress a few years back. The woman is wise to say the least, which her 11 books– including 4 that are New York Times bestsellers– can attest to.

We met up with Marianne while in New York to chat about the nation’s current political landscape, among other matters. She got us thinking when she posed the question, “Is focusing on our own conflicts enough to effectuate change in America?”

She thinks we, as people, ought to stop focusing on our own individual circumstances, and should rather address the matters that bother us collectively. Because chances are, if you’re struggling with something, someone else is as well.

We must rise to the occasion and take ownership of our planet. Marianne says, “Where there is darkness, we are here to be the lights.”

And we agree.

It’s time to gather our lights together and lighten America up, for good.

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